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Hello, this one of the biggest and most thought out guides you will find. Created by me and a few others for your forum needs. Remember, you may disagree with the material. If you do, feel free to explain why. Enjoy!

1:Forum Personalities
-1a:The Severe Poster
-1b:Grammar Police
-1c:The Big Head
-1d:The Complainer
-1e:The Arguer
-1g:The Creator
-1h:The Supervisor
-1i:Bipolar Poster
-1j:The Thread Jacker
-1k:The Wall
-1l:The Troll
-1m:The Idol
-1n:The Groupie
-1o:The Insulter
-1p:Average Joe
-1q:The Compensator
-1r:The Body Guard
-1s:The Lurker
-1t:The Normie
-1u:The Weirdie
-1v:The Pretender
2:Cory9289's Dictionary
3:Forum Groups
4:BB Codes
5:Guide To Surviving The Forum
-5c:Making A Thread
-Addressing The Medium
-5d:Making Friends And Enemies
-Choosing Friends
-Choosing Enemies
-Important People
-Why Use It
-How To Use It
-5f: Flood Control
-What Is Flood Control
-5g: Forum Goodbyes and Hellos

Forum Personalities

The Severe Poster
This post will post anything, at anytime. Most times the posts he makes contribute very little to the thread. This person equates a lot posts with accomplishment.

Grammar Police
Every forum has one of these. They will not only go to great lengths to correct simple misspelled words, but will also try and correct l33t as well. They will venture into the realm of grammar as well. This forum poster is usually dismissed by the forum community as someone with nothing more to contribute than their good spelling.

The Big Head
This poster knows more about the game than you. This poster knows more about you than you at times. Everything in the game is easy to this poster. They tend to have short, one sentence posts which basically boil down to you being a noob and them not being a noob.

The Complainer
Nothing is good enough for this forum poster. The game is either too hard/too easy for them. Most aspects of the game need massive amount of work in order to live up to their standards. They will complain about people in the game, game mechanics, game play, and anything else they can get their hands on. Meh is their reply to any sensible post.

The Arguer
This forum dweller lives for an argument. They have a snappy comeback for anything that may not be 100% correct. They do not have the ability to understand generalizations, only specifics.

These types tend to either be very young, very unintelligent, or do not speak the language native to the forum in question. They utilize a lot of l33t, seldom use punctuation, and are huge fans of the ‘Wall of Text’ method of posting. Mostly ignored, they tend to continue their posting and pay little mind to those to try to correct them.

The Creator
This person will actually go out of his/her way to make something original or funny for general forum consumption. These are the type of forum posters that created orly owls. This poster can be mean if their work is met with little appreciation.

The Supervisor
This poster believes he/she is an unofficial moderator. They will tell people to calm down, not argue, don’t violate forum rules etc. This person tends to treat the forums like a job, because most likely, they do not have a job in real life. They take their forum time very seriously, and won’t tolerate anyone messing it up.

Bipolar Poster
This is the kind of poster that you can never be friends with. One minute they are cool with you, the next they aren't.

The ThreadJacker
This person lives for taking a thread off subject. They especially enjoy derailing a serious topic. Some more popular methods of derailment are the posting of lols, ..., 1234567, meh, etc.

The Wall
This type of poster has always done something more or better than you. If you have a Masters in Physiology, they have a PhD. This is the hardest poster to get along with, they are like talking to a wall.

The Troll
This is the poster that will post anything to get attention. They will post senseless threads about TV shows that just started 10 minutes ago or about going to sleep. In a Troll's mind, the letter "a" is good enough for a thread. *Does not include Trollbrain*

The Idol
This is the type of poster that everyone sucks up too. Even is the idol doesn't have a good personality, somehow every will suck up to them and expect you to too.

The Groupie
This poster usually usually clinches to forum groups or important people. The groupie feels the need to be protected by the companionship of players or forum groups. Usually if you insult a groupie, he/she will use everything is his/her power to bring their friends into the conflict.

The Insulter
The insulter is a poster who has a little amount of friends. If any friends, they will usually be idols or someone somehow important in the forum. This poster will most likely insult another poster for no reason. Although the insulters do a lot of insulting, they rarely receive infractions.

Average Joe
The average joe is exactly average. Sometimes combined on two or more personalities, the average joe usually spends his/her time posting regularly and not doing any more than that. Sometimes joining important debates and sometime spamming, usually the average joe is the easiest poster to get along with.

The Compensator
This poster usually feels that he/she must brag about mostly fictional things. They usually have real life issues and feel the need to brag about themselves in some fictional way. The compensator is know to make comments about sexual things or about their ability in sports or education.

The Body Guard
The body guard is one of the most atrocious posters. They feel the need to defend a poster against the insulter. The body guard will usually make just as bad comments to the insulter as the insulter would make. Although they can sometimes be irritating, the body guard adds balance to the forums and sometimes can help you in a situation. Some body guards may also be called suck-ups or groupies too.

The Lurker
The Lurker is if not the most, one of the most mysterious of the posters. He/she will rarely post but instead, read almost every post in the forum. They usually know a lot about the posters and can sometimes be dangerous. Every once in a while the lurker will feel a need to make maybe one to two post on a subject and then run to hide in the amidst. It is recommended to stay away from lurkers.

The Normie

Normies are called normies because they are the norm- the average- and the droll. Normies lack the ability to see connections as Weirds can and are often hard to communicate with. They are more prone to start or instigate fights and are more often then not the people who watch and hoot at fights on the street or at school.(Note that if you're a normie, you most likely still belong in another group)

The Weirdie

Weirds make up a low percentage of the worlds population and even lower in America. Weirds are more prone to reason-ability and often have a higher IQ than Normies. Having a higher IQ means that they can see patterns and learn/store information much easier and faster. Weirds make up a large part of the Off-topic population and enjoy educated debates. (Note that if you're a weird, you most likely still belong in another group)

The Pretender

Although The Pretender sounds like it's someone who pretends to be something, it's a little deeper. The Pretender is a poster who comes in pretending to be a different gender. Such as, a guy pretending to be a girl and making threads that say "Girls Only". They usually have fetishes and are very dangerous posters. Usually, asking a lot of information about you and tracking your every move. This is a very dangerous poster and should be avoided.
Cory9289's Dictionary

Function: noun
Pronunciation: A'fro-Dees-E-Act
Etymology: Greek
1: Something or someone who tries to push sex related subjects, a cup-handle

Function: Noun
Pronunciation: BOO'-T
Etymology: Latin, Middle English
1: A idiotic forum poster

Function: Verb
Pronunciation: Call-K'
Etymology: Derived from l33t, c4wk
1: To act untouchable, to boast

Function: Noun
Pronunciation: Cew-K'
Etymology: Derived from l33t, c3wk
1: Someone who is goofy, horse goggles

Function: Noun/Adjective
Pronunciation: Doooooooo'-D
Etymology: Derived from l33t, d00d
1: Someone who lacks knowledge, without sense, a squirrels diaper

Function: Noun/Verb
Pronounciation: GlOm'-p
Etymology: Urban
1: A very hard smack, to smack

Function: No Idea
Pronunciation: Hu-guls'
Etymology: Rivka's Slang
1: A type of hug that is cuter than a regular hug, strangle of a fairy

Function: Noun
Pronunciation: POO'-PEr,
Etymology: French
1: A tool used to "poop" in, someone who sits excessively

Function: Adjective
Pronunciation: OPRAH'-mis-e-us'
Etymology: Urban Enviroment
1: Knowing everything

Function: Noun/Verb
Pronounciation: Ne'c-row-ma'n-cy'
Etymology: Old English
1: The bumping of long dead threads onto the front page. (Necromancy is frowned upon in both real life and in the forum and is usually only used by the most unoriginal or annoying spammers.)

Function: Noun/Adjective
Pronunciation: 'nüd
Etymology: (assumed) Middle English, from Old English nOOd
1: Meaning noodlish; someone without posture, a monkey's jockstrap

Function: Noun
Pronunciation: Flay-me'
Etymology: Urban
1: Insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger

Function: Noun
Pronounciation: Le-et
Etymology: Urban
1: A commonly used word to mis-represent "elite." 2: An internet language that forms words. 3: Internet speak for "I am stupid beat me with a brush."

Function: Noun
Pronounciation: Oh-DEE
Etymology: English
1: Someone or something that is particular more experienced or older 2: A person who has nothing more to do with their life

Note: Some acronyms may contain euphemisms.

LOL: Laughing Out Loud
ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing
OMG: Oh My God
QFT: Quoted For Truth
FTW: For The Win
OIC: Oh I See
BTW: By The Way
WB: Welcome Back
AFK: Away From Keyboard
BRB = Be Right Back
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
FYI = For Your Information
TBH = To Be Honest
GTG = Got To Go
ATM = At The Moment
CBA = Can't Be Asked

XD -smile with like crinkled eyes (like i imagine rivka's sqeeee to be like ^_^)
^_^ = eyes open wide and smile
^_- = wink, same as above
:) = smile
;P = wink with tounge out
:p = tounge out
;-) = wink
</3 = broken heart
O.O = shock
o_O = wth?
o_O = wth?
:D = huge smile
<3 = heart(love)

And for your viewing pleasure:


Forum Groups

RPC-Rivka Pirate Crew
The RPC started off one day when a group of friends were talking about being pirates and Rivka happened to mention that she had a pirate contract in real life. As a result the RPC thread started up which consisted of the old school lot posting and being pirates. Over time this grew in popularity and we gained more pirates. The general idea of the RPC then became to stick together as a rebellion, spam a lot, and generally cause chaos.

The RPC then became a tribe for W7, where the pirates got set loose on the P&P forums, resulsting in many of our pirates getting banned and the dissappearance of the mod Cowboy. He is said to have been captured and locked in the basement. In this time the pirates made more friends and even more enemies.

The RPC now is a group of friends who just like posting and chatting together. They're a crew who do what they want, they take everything as a joke and they have a laugh.

Note: Use [ and ] in place of ( and ). Never run out of order when bbcoding. Example: (b)(u)text(/b)(/u) is wrong, (b)(u)text(/u)(/b) is right.

Bold: (b)text(/b)

Italics: (i)text(/i)

Font: (font=fixedys)text(/font)

Size: (size=3)text(/size)

Underline: (u)text(/u)

Strikeout: (s)text(/s)


  • Spearmen
  • Swordsmen

URLs: (url)site url(/url) or (url=site name)any word here(/url)

Images: (img)insert image url(/img)

Quotes: It's easiest to use the quote button supplied in the forum. Or use the brackets with quote and /quote.

Guide To Surviving the Forum


Ok, before you can even enter the forum, you need to be directly prepared for war, if it is to come. And believe me, a forum is always ticking for the next war. In most cases, the flame war. So, how do you prepare? Read closely, and you'll learn all you need. First up, strategy.


It is important to keep the initiative. Your enemy flamer will try to return the remarks to scare you away. You must move relentlessly flame back, while never losing the thread. Most flame wars will start over two different groups believing that they are right and the other is wrong. Try to come up with a good case of why you are right and provide some evidence. But can you assume that everyone on the net is just waiting for your next literary masterpiece? Do you know the mood of the other groups? Are they even interested? If you misjudge this, then you risk humiliating yourself before a large audience. Always, use silence as a strategy. Never underestimate the power of silence. Being ignored will spur the temper of the most controlled flamer. You might want to think about a few cases to use silence. Never respond to simple abuse, it only encourages them. Never respond immediately. But be careful, if you are silent too long opponent might take advantage over that. And never get too deep in a flame. Next we will move on to skills.


Patronizing is a good way to piss off the enemy flamer. Use unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. One of the fascinating aspects of flame wars is how quickly the truth is left behind. If your back is against the wall, you will be tempted to make things up. It's important to make your lies sound true. The rule is, if you are caught in a lie, lie your way out of it. Mostly, you wouldn't want to dig yourself deeper, but in flame wars, it's win or go home and never come back. If you really want to win a flame war, use sarcasm. But do not expect to be friends afterward. Sarcasm is the verbal demonstration of contempt. Once released, there is no reverse. And there is quoting, a lot of times a person will say stupid things and forget about them, or they may just edit their post. They will do this when they notice a flaw in their flame. So quote and use, simple as that. Flame warfare is psychological warfare. It is important to understand the enemy, the innocent bystander, the effect of your weapons and your own motives. There is a thin line between protecting your reputation and egomania; know where that line is. The last thing you need to know, is to always get the last word or well, post. Now you're ready for a flame war if it is to come.


One way of winning an argument is repeating your point over and over again. Just repeat what you have to say, no matter what they say. Nothing matters more than to counter a counter argument with the same thing you've been saying all along. Saying anything different just makes you look like an ass. Just repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat it. You might say this will never convince anyone, but that is not important, just repeat your message. People will absolutely hear and understand what you say if you repeat it long enough. Repeating is enough to win any argument.

Another way, which takes some time to correctly do is, to use difficult or advanced grammar. Mostly anyone can understand common simple grammar, but when you add some spicy difficult words, arguing is a breeze. Also, it will make you seem more educated and more right about the subject. For example, I could say the following: "Stop trying to avoid everything I say, you keep moving away from the subject." But, I could also say: "Cease trying to circumvent my actions, it seems as if your drift is to digress away from the matter." Although it's only a little more advanced word-wise, you'd be amazed of how many people would barely understand that statement. Using difficult grammar is a win in any book.

My least favorite but useful to use is the famous "Huge Poster" style. It's simple, just post a huge post consisting of at least 400 words. It not only makes people think you know a lot, they are very much likely to not even read it and respond ignorantly. When they do, all you have to do is flame them, tell the to read your post and basically, they will deteriorate from the argument.

  • Stay away from using acronyms and incorrect grammar.(Not capitalizing)
  • Stay valid to the argument.
  • If loosing the argument, retreat by deterring the subject.
  • Always have someone to back you up, it's always helpful.

Making a Thread

Sure, you can post in every thread, be part of groups, but you're not part of the forum until you've made a thread. It's important that you at least make a proper one at that. Remember, you want people to read your thread, and post. So, the basics of making a thread is simple:


The title of the thread is important, without it, well you can't have a thread. To have a proper title, try to use at least capitalization. To most people, they'd rather read "Guide To Forums" than "guide to forums". It looks more thought out, and proper. Aside from capitalization, try to have good spelling. I know, we all aren't spelling freaks but at least not using numbers for letters or spelling "read" like "reed". It all comes down to what appeals to the medium, and sometimes "H3y r33d th15" works but try to stay away from that.

Body(The inside of the thread)

The most important part of the cake, the ingredients. What you put in the thread will make or break it. If you're not just making a useless thread or just bored and throwing out something stupid, you want it to be a good thread. So, again, try to use capitalization and good spelling. Also, punctuation and etc wouldn't hurt.

Addressing The Medium

If you want people to actually read the thread, of course you want a thread that appeals to the readers. Everyone is different, but there is usually something that everyone will jump to read. It could be news about the game, a fun game thread, or much more. So try to post something interesting, something that stands out from other threads.

  • Don't make too many threads.
  • Try to be polite and not a smart ass in your own thread to the readers.
  • Stay away from insulting threads, it may start an argument.
  • Use bb-codes, stay formal.

Making Friends And Enemies

Choosing Friends

It's always important to have friends, actually it's very important. It's a life or death matter, because, when you're being gang-flamed, you need some back up. When you just can't seem to get any attention, you need friends. So, how do you choose who to be friends with? It's sometimes hard to get along with people that don't share your interests. So, try to be friends with people of similar interests. Next, try to get that certain important forumer on your side. It will not only help you out when being flamed, it will help you get more friends. Also, try not to act smuggish or smart-elic all the time. Although there are friends that could share that style with you.

Choosing Enemies

No matter what you do, you will always make an enemy no matter where you go. So who do you make enemies with? Ofcourse the people you dislike! But, it's always to make enemies with the forum enemy or just who your friends dislike. Note not to make too many enemies. So you're probably saying by now, "Why do I want to make an enemy?" I understand it sounds crazy but, it will increase fun and help you to become dominant if you can "OWN" your enemy. Simple, yet productive.

Important People

Important people, important people, important people. Some are cool, some are plain idiots. Regardless, they may be important, and that means the forum majority likes them and they are popular and may control certain forum groups and have power. So, it's important you know who they are.

Invisibility Mode

Why Use It

Some people may use invibility(invisible mode) so that users can't see their username under the active user lists. You may need to use this to lurk or hide in the forums, or just lay low. You may need to get away from flamers that have got to rough, either way, invisibility is a essential to a forumer's kit.

How To Use It

First you will need to click the "User CP" link near the top of the forums. Once there you will see many other links to access your options. Next click on "Edit Options". Next you will see a space describing "Invisible Mode". It will read: Invisible mode allows you to browse the forums without appearing in the 'Currently Active Users' lists. Under that you will see a check box that you can click. Click this and you're using it.

So: User CP>Edit Options>Click Use Invisible Mode

Flood Control

Flood control is used by many forums so that users can't over post in the forum. Most forums as this forum usually use a 30 second wait period. You must wait 30 seconds before posting again. This is useful for keep spammers for destroying the forum but can be annoying at times.

Forum Goodbyes and Hellos


-What Are Goodbyes?
As being part of a forum, you are sure to encounter many goodbyes. It is a trend that many posters will make a goodbye thread either to let people know they are leaving, or as a trollish move to get the attention of posters. A lot of times these goodbyes threads will consist of explanations of real life problems, disagreement with the forum, and just plain "I'm over forums." There is no doubt you will encounter these threads or maybe, create your own.

-How To Make a Goodbye Thread
If you are going to make a goodbye thread, you should consider whether you should make that thread. The reason is, there is probably a high chance you getting flamed for even making that thread. You should consider how many friends you have and how good of a friend those friends are. You should also consider how many enemies you have and what kind of posters exist in that forum. Once you get flamed, you may be bombarded, so be careful.

What a Goodbye Thread Should Have:
  • A Correct Title (Goodbye is always good, you are leaving, so leave a good thread behind. Use capital letters instead of goodbye everyone. Have Goodbye Everyone, it does make a difference.)
  • Straight to the Point (Don't murmur around, be serious, tell why you leaving and why everyone should say goodbye to you. Don't make a goodbye thread that you turn into a thread about something off subject.)
  • Pointing Out Players (When you point out friends of yours, make sure you don't forget too many. If you can't remember everyone, be general and say goodbye to everyone.)


-What are hellos?
As well as goodbyes, you'll find many hello threads. There is one difference. Although making goodbye thread can lead to flaming, hello threads will usually always lead to flaming and are shunned. Of course, hello threads or about hellos and introductions of oneself. You will find these are either great threads or just horrible threads. Usually attempted by a forum troll, these threads are very varied.

-Should I make a "Hello" Thread?
The answer is no, I do not recommend you make a hello thread. It is a very dangerous move in becoming part of a forum. If you'd like to become a part of a forum or introduce yourself, lurk a bit and learn the rules. Learn who is who, and which threads are popular. Then join a popular thread and stay away from intense subjects that might lead to you with your head in a hole and a broom up your (yep). Be friendly, think when you post, and you should become a part of the forum in no time.

*Will have more soon!*
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The Big Head
This poster knows more about the game than you. This poster knows more about you than you at times. Everything in the game is easy to this poster. They tend to have short, one sentence posts which basically boil down to you being a noob and them not being a noob.

hey that's Grawler! ROFL if he ever comes in off-topic I'm definately gonna get flamed for saying that!


The wall is very funny. hahaha! Nice work. I think I have met one in the global warming thread in the speed server. :D

I don't really know how to categorize myself. >.<


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