Gulliver's Travels


In old worlds like this one, people tend to overlook anything smaller then 5-10 mio accts. I myself have been guilty of this on occasion as well. It is only now i realize how wrong this is! the little people have interesting tales to tell as well! In order to make up for such past wrongdoings i decided to go deep undercover, where few dare tread, into the world.... of the little people.

It wasn't long into my perilous journey that i discovered that life with the little people is hard! people do not like you, and they have many devious and cunning ways to plot for your demise.

I had my first encounter with these types shortly after my undercover operation began, by the hand of someone called "ramin".

ramin666 on 14.12. at 20:23
Hello Dude ,

I was looking for a coplayer but couldnt find was searching for someone just started the world and i found that you exp. enough to coplay me ...

STEPS TO co me :

1- delete your acc ( so we wont be banned )
2- add me on skype
3- Loggin the acc :)

Thank you for your time ..

tiger32k on 16.12. at 07:30
I'm sorry I can't restart, I have gotten finally to 50 swordmen and 30 axes and if I restart it would take me too much time to get back my men.

Im proud to say i in no way shape or form had my mouse hovering over the delete button before coming to my sense and discovering that this was just an attempt to rid me from this world. i DEFINITELY didn't press the button and have to recover my account from the depths of mount doom....

you should be ashamed of yourself ramin!

anyway, i continued on my undercover journey only to stumble upon some sort of gathering, it seemed as if these little people had come together as some sort of protection mechinisim against the giant acct.'s of Brobdingnag!

at my at my current hefty 300 or so points, i was brought in to one such gathering, by one known only as "beefycrackers".

[spoil]Subject beefycrackers invites you to the tribe 'Tribal Waster B'
Sent Dec 22, 2010 22:55:39
beefycrackers invites you to the tribe Tribal Waster B[/spoil]

It occurs to me that even such gatherings are still in great danger from the threat posed by the giants, as confirmed by my initial greeting of entering such a gathering

[spoil] on 22.12. at 23:47
Hello and welcome to your new tribe TwFtwB, we are currently a proud academy tribe to TwFtw. In the tribe you will find that we are not strict but only require you to be active and willing to fight not only for yourself but with your fellow tribe members. I'm warning you now, if we find out that you are leaking information to any other players that aren't in the tribe, you will immediately be dismissed and set as an enemy...

to have to oh so subtly remind new members that spying is not to be tolerated must mean the danger is great indeed!

shortly after, i began to explore my new dwellings and came up nothing other then the secret of "the most nub".


This secret was discussed at some length over the campfire, as i listened in, this is what i overheard:



imagine my surprise to find out the biggest nub was me!!
i also found it a bit odd that he neglected to mention the rest of the conversation for some reason, perhaps because it is easier to portray a small 300 point member as a nub then it is once the truth is revealed....

[spoil]tiger32k on 09.12. at 17:22
you think i was always like this? no no, my good friend, i started this acct just to be able to mail others on this world, it is of no consequence to me what happens to it. i just get to have a good laugh at someone who eats 200 point villages instead of going after bigger game.

guanhao on 09.12. at 19:10
i'm atm eating all villags of barb as many as possible in my tribe member shouli did...[/spoil]

And so there you have it. the inside scoop from the side of the little people. they have a lot more going on then we give them credit for, and hopefully now that i have shined a light on the subject, we can all seek to rectify this mistake!

P.S. I lol'ed at this guy:


and this one:

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Especially that last spoiler is epic. 'I think im being nobled' Rofl!


Haha, epic Tiger :p

You know, if you want to keep it up, I might have a space open for you. I think I have you on Skype, I'll have chat :)