Guys I need your help!!! Seriously!


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Hey players of world 15, i need help contacting a current player of this world. Since i cant join this world i'm gonna need one of you to help me:)

I need someone to send an ingame message to bigchief41. The account is mainly played by an old timer and his grandson:p

Anyway they both joined W51 on seperate accounts and his grandson later left his own account and took over one of our accounts in -HATE-. He has since gone inactive and i'd like to try and contact him or his grandfather. We'd like to get a new player or a co-player for him if he's temporarily inactive.

If you could just send a mail to him, telling him that AMARAYA is asking that he either log on to his account in HATE on W51 as soon as possible, come on skype or just email me at Its urgent!

Hope the Mod keeps this open and that someone contacts Bigchief. You guys can PM me here or catch me on skype, ---> "max-burn" is my ID, if you have any questions and to let me know if you will contact him.

Lets see how the TW community pulls together:icon_wink:


Sent him a ig message with a c+p of your one. Will let you know when he reads it :)


Indeed, a shame how inactive this forum's become. I guess you guys shouldn't have wished me gone for so long :D
You never really do appreciate what you have until it's gone ;)