Guyver trolls Chad: Part Two The LOL Redemption.


I meant to put this up a week ago, but I took a dump and must have forgotten about it!

I'm here to reassure my previous trolling is not left to rot, forever immortalized by this thread! Plus I'm bored...

I like what you did here chad.


You started off strong, right up there and you brought the all state guy along and that guy is the shit. Good game plan.

Then I came in strong and trolled you for several amazing pages! It looked tough at first, then you got back up on your feet and came back strong only to be trolled again. Back and forth, trolled and trolled again! You looked weak in the knees, your friends and tribemates warning you to ignore me!

Hi there I don't post much and when I do I tend to be a little long winded.
But I have to say I'm totaly amazed that Guyver still has the ability to get into peoples heads lol.
He is one of the most talented players I know and his value as a leader can be questioned only by those that have no idea of what he actually get's up to behind the scenes.
He does so much work in the background that most people don't know about that it amazes me..
Guyverone is totally loyal to those that earn it.
But he will mess with eveyone mind if they let him (friend or foe)...
Chad I suggest you stop the tongue wars if they will upset you because that is what Guyver does.
Ignore him and he will eventually find another target, people can't help it and try and fight back, it's a mistake lol.
Guyver sorry to give away some obvious ways of dealing with you but you know I am loyal to whichever tribe I am with.
Buddy I know I let you and BSM down by getting injured and becoming inactive (and i'm still recovering but getting there)
But I came back to no tribe and surprisingly still very good defence hehehehe. I am where I am now and have to try and save Chad from any further torment lol.
Chad, Guyver has been nothing but loyal to me and many others in the tribes I have been in with him, he has taught me and many others much , I may have taught him a little.
It would be an interesting fight if Guyver and I ever came to direct conflict on equal footing ( size and time available.) he is good regardless of what others may think. I know it is FACT.
I don't know much about you Chad and will not comment on other peoples murmerings.
But I assure you I would welcome Guyverone to any tribe I had a say in as his value is far more than that of a warrior ( although he can fight when he is not bored) his value is in his ability to unite others and destroy the enemy by sowing the seeds of discontent within their own ranks or just messing so badly with other peoples minds that they loose perspective and do rash things. I have seen it ! time and time again.
And if you want Proof of his ability I will just mention this.
Guyverone was given one half of the title Tag Team of the GODS. because he and his partner leagally sat 17 seperate accounts at the one time at the height of a war and actually gained villages in those accounts, didn't lose any villages they either didn't recapture or replace during a full scale war. I know I was there.
Although I had nothing to do with the bestowing of that title on him or his partner in crime lol..
enjoy all facets of the game people but remember it's a game.
Onward and Upward Strength in Unity


Some harsh words were said over the field of glory, but the challenge remained strong in your heart!.


Things got worse from there, very grim looking in fact...a loosing battle indeed. You came back with "you're a noob" and a barb munching pedophile remarks on skype and the boards but to no avail!

Until finally.....

As a friend of both of you guys I want to state my opinion.
I don't know the full extent of what's going on in w.20 but Amm was always capable of joining =LT=. (Skill wise, and perhaps loyalty wise this we are unsure of.) The council rejected amm because of the information you gave which they accepted because due to the trust they have in you. I had mixed feelings due to confusion. (And I'm still confused). My point is that I think it came down to more of you not liking him which is a big part of recruitment in =LT= and is important none the less. The only time I sided with you was when the pretty much finished voting and I accepeted the fact that he was not getting in and stopped him from bitching.
You guys are both good players and both of you act immature around each other.




Sensing the end, you backed down fearing more personal injury.....

You know what that reminds me of? This thread here......

After reading on for about three makes you wonder "hey guyver might be right about chad"

So now you're around here, on a steep plummit to deletersville.


The coach says good game, better luck next pizza for the losers!


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good to see youre still in business harry :)
oh, and that chat was really awesome wannit?
good times :lol:


wow.........................epic trolling, if chad weren't my friend i would laugh but due to the circumstances......... ah who am i kidding? lol!

<3 u chad. :)


yes, guyver, you are the king at running your mouth.