Half Priced Nobles Soon?

Discussion in 'World 36' started by king dalt555, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. armstrongrv

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    Give us half price packets and close the world and stop tormenting us :'(
  2. asluke

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    lol, we were trying to be a bit more subtle about it, but i guess thats straight to the point :)
  3. asluke

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    Update: 983 players 951 With points
  4. Meegosh

    Meegosh Guest

    985 players, 953 w/points
  5. ausmark

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    Survey: Should half priced nobles be enabled on this world?
    Yes 186 92.08%

    No 16 7.92%

    Votes cast: 202

    Voting has been going for over 5 days - result sound pretty forgone to me ... so when do we get the Half Price come in.
  6. asluke

    asluke Guest

    The Survey closed at Dec 01,2010 00:58 with a clear Yes vote win, the mail sent round said it would be enabled shortly after (i'd assume 2-3 days) so shouldn't be much longer, however, we wouldn't mind an update please mods, or even a post to say you have checked the results on this forgotten world and are working on it :)
  7. i think we cracked it guys ;)
  8. Conspikuous

    Conspikuous Guest

    can we go for 25% cost? lol , farming sucks
  9. jas24zzk

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    Don't worry spik, at the current rate, you'll have so many villa's soon, by the time you fix em, you'll have enough packets to take more than you can fix :D

  10. asluke

    asluke Guest

    funny you should say that con, i was looking over a few things today, and we (the dvader/XVI family) now have 86% of the worlds actvie villages, and when i looked back at others worlds, Take W7 for example, by the time they are at 86% control they had already stopped new registrations and restarts and also the noble price was at 25%. So by comparison we are well behind that timeline, similarly, on W27, by the time they had 93% control, the end game phase was started and an end time proposal was made and we are only month away from being at a similar percentage control (or would be if the new registrations and restarts was turned off) . Based on the way other worlds have gone , i can see no reason why we shouldn't be at least looking to have the new registrations and re-starts turned off and even look to mid-end janurary to have the packets reduced to 25%. So, in turn , i'd like to ask a mod, to give us the details of what we need to do or reach to be able to get some of these things started of most priority is to stop new people joining or re-starting as there really is no point. Thanks, Luke.
  11. Well someone's clearly on the blob..
  12. On a more constructive note, it's a good point! No-one can resist any more.. Give us cheaper nobles so we can make it quick and painless! The stats are with us..
  13. it would appear we meet the criteria for having the world closed and 25% packets going by the other worlds...seems like we have skipped stage 2 and gone to stage 3 already lol

    Stage 1:

    Once a world has roughly less than 1000 players, we run a survey to see if players would like half price coins/packets.

    Stage 2:

    When the world reaches less than 500 players we run a second survey with the option to reduce coin/packet costs further to 1/3rd of the standard cost.

    Stage 3:

    When a tribe (or family of tribes) reaches between 70% and 80% domination* we will start the endgame phase. This involves closing the world to new registrations (if not already done), preventing players from starting over after being conquered and reducing coin/packet coins to 25% of the standard cost.

    We then give the winning tribe three months to either finish by eliminating all opposition and thus end the world early (DNY did this) otherwise the world will be closed and whichever tribe has the most points will be declared the winner. If players wish for a world to continue past the 3 months, the dominating tribe must split up into smaller, warring factions.
  14. armstrongrv

    armstrongrv Guest

    Out of 80 continents that are 'dominated' (according to the auto updating maps) XVI and DVADER own 75 of these, which is almost 95% K ownage, but yeah, its is also down to actively owned villages, and, once again, DVADER and XVI hold the majority
  15. so are we any closer to closing the world to newbs and restarts then guys?
  16. asluke

    asluke Guest

    depends who your asking, i would say so yes, i think shards is still the froum mod? but not sure if they can answer or even have any say in anything, guess we have to wait for them to let us know. maybe he have to mail admin
  17. asluke

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