Policy / Rules Halving Coin costs on Dominance worlds


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Dear players,

Over the past few weeks we have received several questions from community members to cut coin costs on their dominance worlds.

As you know, most victory conditions have an automatic coin reduction system built in where the costs are reduced when reaching certain milestones. This is not the case for the Dominance victory condition, which is used quite often on Tribal Wars International.
For this reason we have always allowed players to reach out to the support team to request a reduction. This request would then be reviewed by Community Management and if the world qualified for it, a poll would be enabled on the world which could lead to a price reduction.

There were however no clear guidelines on when a world would qualify for this poll.

Today, I am happy to announce we have updated these policies internally and have also decided to make the new guideline public. Please find the new rules for requesting a coin reduction below - please note that this only applies to worlds with the dominance victory condition.

A world is eligible for a coin cost reduction if two of the following conditions are met:
  1. The world is >180 days old
  2. One tribe has >30% dominance
  3. The top 3 tribes combined have >50% dominance
If your world meets two of these conditions, leadership of one of the top 3 tribes can request a reduction through a support ticket. These conditions will then be evaluated by Community Management.

After this, an ingame survey will be enabled to all players on this world with two options: Against or in favour of a coin price reduction. This survey will run for one week .

If 66% votes in favour of a reduction, the coin prices will be reduced. Note that this is a manual process and therefore can have a delay. Feel free to reach out to support if it hasn't occurred within a reasonable timeframe. Any attempt to manipulate a poll will lead to the survey being cancelled.

Reductions can be requested in several intervals:
First reduction100% => 80%
After 90 days a new reduction can be requested80% => 60%
After 60 days a new reduction can be requested60% => 50% + restarts are disabled
After 60 days a new reduction can be requested50% => 40%

We hope this brings some clarity.

Kind regards,
Your Community Management Team