Happy 1 year anniversary!

Discussion in 'World 46' started by Sharkey95, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Feb 6, 2011
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    Well with the TSL v Twist anniversary just 22hrs away roughly. I am wondering if you're having the parties you are all well known for? I mean i've heard alot thats went on in the Sith stronghold. But there very tight who shares a pint with them! :icon_cry:

    [spoil] [​IMG]


    During the 1 year people have come and gone, but were have people actually went?
    [Spoil] [​IMG] [/spoil]
    Wish i could do this with my girlfriend sometimes :icon_rolleyes:

    Any Chachi and his cronies , after having an arguement with almost everyone in twist decided to retire in the sun
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    Others have come and gone, so keep in your memory. The people that are no longer with us from TSL and Twist :(

    Glad i've witnessed a year of clean(ish) fighting and theres possibly a few more years ahead. Good luck to both sides i'll be watching closely :lol:
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