Happy 1 year anniversary!


Well with the TSL v Twist anniversary just 22hrs away roughly. I am wondering if you're having the parties you are all well known for? I mean i've heard alot thats went on in the Sith stronghold. But there very tight who shares a pint with them! :icon_cry:



During the 1 year people have come and gone, but were have people actually went?
Wish i could do this with my girlfriend sometimes :icon_rolleyes:

Any Chachi and his cronies , after having an arguement with almost everyone in twist decided to retire in the sun

Others have come and gone, so keep in your memory. The people that are no longer with us from TSL and Twist :(

Glad i've witnessed a year of clean(ish) fighting and theres possibly a few more years ahead. Good luck to both sides i'll be watching closely :lol:
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