Happy birthday Sp.ag <3


To the bestest duke ever made,
I wish that we would be laid,
together until we would parade,
our love is illustrated through a masquerade.

Although this poem is something foul,
and you're out tonight on the prowl,
I hope that you will be forever mine,
so that I can please you with fine wine.

Alas this verse is concluding,
you are far too much alluding.
Now that we've reached the end,
Your sexuality I will bend.

I love you spag. <3


Happy Birthday Red!

Hugs and kisses!!!!
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Happpppppppy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthdayyy tooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu, happyyyyyy biiiiiiiiirthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooo youuuuuuuuu, happy birthday dear mr spaaaaaaaaag, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo youuuuuuuu.

Doctor Davies

FINALLY, The Doc has come back, to the externals.... (WWE joke)

Anyway, Sausage Gobbler goaded me into writing a poem the other night on Skype...

Spag I wish you a Happy Birthday,
I hope it's filled with drugs and beer
I don't believe that you are gay
And so it's Sausage Gobbler you should fear

While you're p**sed out of your face
And doing things that I would not
Ensure you watch your back passage space
In case Sausage Gobbler into there should slot.

I hope this poem serves as a helpful warning
and keeps you safe on your special day
I wish to keep you from the next morning
After Sausage Gobbler turned you GAY!