Hats Off to W2V


I dont have time for TW anymore havent even seen the game since I left the friskehbird account, But I have to atleast give lots of credit to a tribe I figured was noobs.

Congrats W2V to living up to the words you spoke you guys did something I highly doubted would be done. I dont know what has happened since my leave to bring up this new status of the world but it is being done you guys are still around and doing well.

Not an apology for what was said but I do have to admit when Im wrong :icon_wink:

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What a huge coincidence you left when you got incomings, i guess hats of to those in W2V that called that before it happened.


Just returning to see this old post. In which I never replied. I left my account to go to the friskeh because I had exhausted all of my troops not because I seen incomings.

I had an opportunity to stay playing the world and I took it because intially I was leaving for good so I used all my troops for the most part and the villages were basically defenseless.

But whatever helps you 2 sleep at night :)