have a blast


Its time for me also to say my "see u in another world" time.
I left the game for some months now but I was still around helping out my new account owner to "get around", unfortunnatly or not (depends on prespective) my RL has taken over me, been traveling around California, working whenever I feel like and mostly having fun during my Road trip. Next Brazil here I come.
Dont want to be specific about special goodbyes but anyways, Fireborne, in the midle of all the arguing around I did enjoy it alot. midnight, humbleness is a virtue u know??? Busa, respect and go kick some world21's azz. Jerp, always had our diferences but u are defenetly one of the best leaders around, Dr.No's fail was because u left for a while, keep it up now. Others lads worth mentioning, Beaver24, mindcontroll, questro, Scarlett-maiden, Nordub, Starcadia, sisaudrey, vipermax, Lance, chachi, silonce, sir danc, "cow", tb505, and anyone else I might have forgotten (u know who u are) take care u all and remember u only live once, make the most of it.

Death Note: See you in a next life :icon_wink:
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bye :)
have a nice real life, maybe we'll see you around in another world


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Take care & have fun in the real world. It sure can be a drain on life at times.


I was informed you was leaving but when you gotta go you gotta go :)

Good Luck & Goodbye Vels.


You shall be missed, with your controversy and such. I miss conflict :(