Havoc vs CENSOR


Nice map The Prince of Babylon, you need to show me one day how to make one of those :icon_biggrin:


Nobody expects them to ignore them. Some would suggest its kinda silly including them. When they start hitting active players then the stats will actually mean something.


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This will be interesting when the war heats up and people have to noble other active players. Easier said than done - will see who has more ability then.


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What is this mako and KONT ?

Dont bring shame on our world ! :)
wow psi watching other worlds other than w9 now?
r u bored or what??

and how do u like chelsea this year? we won the Cup and PROBABLY the CL too
while Man U. blowed up the PL, be proud hahhahaha :icon_cool:


yeah seems war is pretty much over, so these are probably close to final stats


oh and btw Impact just recently passed CENSOR in ODA and we're a lot newer tribe...


wow, I only just noticed difference :O
Censored. Created: 2012-01-16 17:03:30
Havoc Created: 2012-04-21 23:02:33
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it was a notbad war while it lasted. but i wasnt in impact while the war was on :p