HC Defense in Archers worlds


Robj made a good insight into HC builds on archer worlds


To sum it up:

# 8350 sp 850 ar 2K HC is a great choice if you need to rush your defensive villages

# A good choice if you can wait a bit longer to get higher survivability would be 6300 sp 4200 ar 1750 HC or 6300 sp 6300 ar 1400 HC

Statements like this make me scratch my head. Unlike nukes where you choose when to use them, defense is reactionary. Whatever you have on hand is what you will be sniping or stacking with. Any defense should have rax and stables building constantly until the troop cap is reached. The Sp/Ar ratio is what's used to balance out the number of HC. More spears, fewer HC. Over time, HC will usually make up less of a defense because they wind up in more stacks so the Sp/Ar ration can be tweaked towards the Ar side.

renshi p

a great defence if u have time to build it
in time of war i would normally just build hc and spears and a few archers