Hello guys!

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#280 Round 267Start: Sunday, 05/04/09 11:00
End: Saturday, 18/04/09 13:00
Description: Warning: Tribes are fixed and random, when you join the world you will be automatically placed into a tribe. You can not attack your tribemates or support outside your tribe! Other Settings: No archers, One Packet Nobles, Minimum 8 hours sleep period, Bonus villages, barbs grow to 3k.
Player limit: 100
Requirements for victory:
Speed: 50
Unit speed: .8
Sleep mode: Yes
Account sitting: Yes
Morale: Yes
Building queue: Yes

I know this may seem a little random but im trying to advertise this round as its new and will be fun.

Start time and setting are there, if anyone wants to play please feel free to join the round! :D


speed??? yikes! not me!!!

i have a life! not much granted - but it's there :p