Hello Guys


Hello everyone,

I am back to say hello to all the fellow members of w20.
Ixy here hope that you still remember me... my w20 hisory is so and so mainly due to inactivity and laziness but I quitted all tw about a year ago or somewhere there (I think a bit less).

I see w20 didn't change alot Prime there, SAW and sparta...

I decided to return to skype when Liz (a member in prime forgot her username :p) added me on facebook. Many players welcomed me on skype and were pretty surprised to see me back there.

I wish luck to the war Prime vs the world (if I'm not mistaken).

I need to install back my PS and maybe do some sigs but need some tutorials again since I forgot how to manage it :D lool

See you guys,



xxxinvaderxxx Guyv still wants your head dorin :p???

I donno.. maybe or maybe not.. it's up to him to do anything he like and who care what he want :p