Help a wee nublet out.

Good evening fellow lords and ladies. It's Christmas time Valentine's Day, the most generous time of the year. :xmas eek:

I am but a poor wee lad, trying to forge my way in this big and scary world (as you can see, this is my first post on these forums). Let me tell you my story.

All was well in the land of K52,
As my village slowly grew.
I farmed and farmed, and built my lands
My mentor made me feel in good hands.
Little did I know a nasty surprise
Awaited me soon, as you've by now surmised.
A tribe's duke sent me a mail
Asking me to join, to no avail.
I did not intend to join a clan
Until I had grown and surveyed the land.
In a furious rage, fire in his eyes
This duke must have forgotten my tiny size.
He sent out some nobles to conquer my town
And convinced his tribe to first whittle me down.
The attacks they came, but the village still stands
Thanks to morale, militia, and defense - on deck were all hands.
So my plea to you is to help a guy out
When his walls are down and his luck's run out.
They've not got mighty forces or TW finesse,
But ~LP~'s got the numbers to make me move address.
Just a few troops will do, that's all I ask
To help me live on is now your task!

The attacker has won
Attacker: [player]macdraconic[/player]
Village: [coord]285|531[/coord]





Defender: [player]NefariousNumerator[/player]
Village: [coord]249|507[/coord]




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As your one true valentine for this beautiful year of 2016, I would like to formally request the assistance of one or more of you lovely people in this matter of village preservation. :swordsman: :icon_redface:
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Sorry to hear this Bro, Didn't know what else to write first. Even if I was to say I can send you support, which I can't, I'm continents away :p

I've got him on my hitlist though if that makes you feel any better.

Picking on a RookieStar. How dare he.
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I come here now to give my thanks
To those of you who've swelled my ranks.
Your men and women with swords and shields
Will help me guard my woods and fields.
Goodwill to all who've helped me out,
An enemy strike we shall surely rout.
Adieu and goodnight to this, my first thread,
And once more my thanks to those aforesaid.