Hey , Norwegian guy looking for a account with one or more players on.


Okay, I'm looking for an account. net server with a little size and in a world war as LIFE and AXX
On the Norwegian servers I've shown some class, I will say though, with and having the largest total vanquished opponents on v1. On the Norwegian server called I Pitchoun.

I am a boy of 15 years who play a part tw and have played it now for 3 years. I am an active, not least good player who has picked up everything I need and know about the road to the top. The reason I want to start over. net with a little big account is because Norwegian servers go bad and more and more stops and it becomes just a gråbyhav. I want action and real war!
Regardless of the account may have no owner, or have several of them. I take what I can and test myself out against. net people:) I will not disappoint those who choose and give me this chance;)

View I seems like a useful player and have your account that can help you please contact me here on the forum or on skype.

andrestrandli is my skype.