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Good move guys, i mean it. Backstabbing is realy good. Congrats to pooga, now they kinda won the world thanks to the tribe called “TUBTR2”, sorry “Corona Crusaders”. Well done. But still, don’t think you’ll get away with that. Just please come to next HP. We’ll be there to. We’ll be waiting you. You know, to fight.

“Tubtr2” changed tribe name to “Corona Crusaders” and left the war just as they started to noble us. Because of that we will leave this HP. Well i gues that kinda makes pooga the winner here. Thanks to the ones who were with us till the end. Thanks to our enemies for fighting honorable. Thanks everyone for the pleasure. And thank you to, “Corona Crusaders” for showing us that we shouldn’t trust everyone. And specialy thank you, eerieeidolon13’ we all love you <3 Good luck pooga, hope you win. Wait, who are your enemies right now, again?

Jeffrey Woods

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oh please,
how many tribes did yall have to make in order to massnumber everyone else,
when something doesn't go your way yall just hit delete, just look at anason
so why wouldn't tubtra do the same, oh wait they did..
same will happen in HP aswell, gl.