History of the World in Maps


Hello, you may know me for the crappy mediocre maps that I make. Today, I will be compiling the history of the world in maps. However, I have no one else's written consent to use their maps, so bear with me, I will be testing copyright laws.

In the beginning, there was matter and energy. This matter and energy was exploited by people, who created... Tribes. Sorry, had to do that.

Seriously, the beginning occurred well before I was making maps. I will add all my maps, but I will also add others.

Part I: The Beginning
Hey guys, who remembers TIP?
[SPOIL]Creator: B00k
Date: 10 December 2007

Yeah, well, that worked out.
[SPOIL]Creator: B00k
Date: 22 December 2007

The big gap would take years to close, making the world maps now have a "sideways skull" appearance. This is the earliest map by prolific map maker Idalain...
[SPOIL]Creator: Idalain
Date: 1 January 2008

Part II: The Classic Era
I dubbed this the "classic era" because so much occurred between Jan - Jul 2008.
This starts with the uber-growth of PwN to bloated sizes and the merging of the Sioux and *DNA* to form, yes, DNS. DNS promptly went to war with Order.
[SPOIL]Creator: Idalain
Date: 29 January 2008

PwN may have stopped growth northwards, but it did eye [E]volution in K45. So did PoweR!, perhaps the polar opposite of PwN insofar as PwN was notorious for huge family tribes and pointwhoring, whereas PoweR! was respected. After the war, K45 became known what is affectionately known as a cluster...
Here is the map.
[SPOIL]Creator: Idalain
Date: 25 March 2008

-|- was having a breakdown whilst the [E] war was occurring, with =D-N=/SPCTR/WoW all fighting them in Ks 23, 24, and 42, respectively. It was a pretty even fight until RAW joined. Then it just became a gangba...
Anyways, here is the aftermath of THAT war. Also note PoweR! at war with PwN and PURE.
[SPOIL]Creator: Idalain
Date: 08 April 2008

When Rome over-expanded, it became corrupt and feel into shattered states. When PwN over-expanded, its breakup eclipsed that of Rome's.
[SPOIL]Creator: Idalain
Date: 15 April 2008
Also note that everone wants a piece of what is left of PURE. Happy snacking, PoweR!, SETO, and DNS.

Part III: The Bandwagon
Idalain quit making maps soon after 15 April. While sad indeed, new map makers caught the eye of World 9.
For some reason or another, one map maker in particular was very popular, mainly for his war graphics and a war between DNS and a particular player...
[SPOIL]Creator: rahoko
Date: 21 May 2008

Rahoko's maps were especially good because they displayed the bandwagon effect in the water during this time. SETO, F-U-N, A:M, Ritual, DA, ADHD, K47, lookin, and FedEx all declared on DNS.
Don't believe me?
[SPOIL]Creator: rahoko
Date: 9 June 2008

Part IV: The Great Merge
So, essentially, I'm just going to show you how the world merged really quickly during this period without any of my lame commentary.
[SPOIL]Creator: czayta
Date: 6 August 2008

Creator: czayta
Date: 18 February 2009
F-U-N + A:M = F:M
DNS + K47 + SPCTR + FedEx = DNS
RAW + SOFt + ~TrL~ = RAW
GTSW + Ritual = SWAT

But we're still not done with merging!
[SPOIL]Creator: czayta
Date: 03 June 2009
DNS + Bits of TFTP = DNS

Things became a yawnfest until...
[SPOIL] Well I can't talk about Fight Club, now can I? Just kidding.
Creator: Indelacio
Date: 1 August 2009
Fight Club is liked because they removed -PMS-. Nobody really loved -PMS-.
The world became a yawnfest again, until another, final merge.
[SPOIL]Creator: Mtrew10
Date: 08 March 2010

Part V: To "War"
Today, the wars going on between DNS and SETO is in antebellum, and what is left of TW is also at war, maybe. I don't really know. Most of the NW is just barbs now.
Seriously, look.
[SPOIL]Creator: Mtrew10 (Horrible map maker)
Date: 11 April 2011

To be continued..?
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Ya, edit the Part V

DNS and SETO are now at an NAP. for a while.... :D


Just some things going off memory :)
- IP/TIP went down thx to RAW/PoweR pushing them (cant rly include DNA as our actions were small/unorganised/short duration)
- Order recruited any ex-TIP's they could, while DNA recruited some in k64. TnT was created by some ex-TIPs and tried fearmongering Order/DNS, which didn't last long, DNS fought them and Order recruited them. SiouX recruited peeps in k75 (forgot the tribe name)
- short after DNS was created, DNS + PoweR vs BATZ/Eagle (if i recall right, k55), which led in PoweR controlling that continent
- Order "told" DNS to stay off k64 eventhough there was a NAP, again with some fearmongering...before DNS was rdy to fight Order (me being a slow ass) Order accompagnied by MOAT (if i recall right) acted faster than anticipated, but the war was in favor of DNS from day 1. Some people joined DNS, and DNS was able to concentrate more on its east flank, Eagle or whatnot (which DNS was fighting alongside PoweR).
- when [E] was falling, RAW/PoweR/DNS recruited [E] members coz we (talking for the 3 tribes, miss those days) couldn't let PwN control whole NE.
- PoweR leaders found the world to easy (among other reasons) and were quitting w9, advising their members to join either RAW or DNS, but due to RAW letting PoweR down in not holding their word on "DNS/PoweR/RAW vs the rest (minus SPCTR)" subject, allmost all joined DNS right away, which didn't make RAW happy as they lost their n°1 spot by a long shot, and thought PoweR cheated on them by joining DNS and not them (PoweR players = war hungry, DNS = non stop war + both teamed up together on multiple occasions). Which all counted together was the start of DNS/RAW relations breaking apart.
- And then the bandwagon came along ^^
..and then I had to quit TW :(
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This thread is so incorrect that I don't even want to turn out all the flaws.


Yeah I rembember a lot of that. Played Order and DNS only in this world. Both were a great time.

Happy to see DNS still kicking around. :)


Love the collection of maps here. Ohhh, nostalgia! Such great times... I wish I could do it all again! And better this time! ...But alas, I have a life... :(

Quite an experience I had here. So much diplomacy and strategy. I wish I was a little less huggy back then, and a little more fighty.



I was in WoW, you see that little green dot in the top left in K1?
yes thats me :D

EDIT Sorry I fail at spoiling. Mod please do?

The Hero Will Fall

Ahhh I miss this world. Being No.1 in K94, nobling worldwarriors minions in K92, working along with PetarPavao against anybody he said to attack. What I'd give to be back :(