Hit the ground running


Since my original thread here has turned into another Wah Wah thread, I decided to make a fresh one.

As we all know, merging is always a risky business. Many tribes have done it only to backfire in their face. Here in PnP, I am happy to announce yet another successful exercise. Our latest team have hit the ground running managed to take 34% of our total captures on IMP/IT!/What?/.com in June, despite not having the full month to work with, and despite having 11 players vs 28 players working on this frontline.

Their bloodthirstiness is exemplary!

NOw looking forward to another month :icon_biggrin:

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That is very impressive. Congrats to you for another succesful month.

Nice graphic as well! How did you make it?


I believe that is a product of MS excel 2010... I have heard rumours you can animate them also! I had to go have a cold shower after hearing that for the first time.