On behalf of the brotherhood, I would like to inform anyone that has received the following letter, this is a hoax. This was invented by an idiot that became inactive, was being internally nobled and returned. Was angry that he'd lost villages and troops etc, so sent this to as many tribes/players as possible. I offer my sincerest apologies, and will let you know he is being "dealt" with.

Those of you that know me, can vouch that I am honorable and a woman of my word.

If you have received this, please delete it.

Luv n goo

Leba on 27.07. at 08:44
This message from our leader as a dissusion to attack your tribe as your tribe had dropping in ranks and members. The attack will be a joint attack by [ally]*TA[/ally], [ally]TAK[/ally], [ally]911[/ally] and [ally]THEM[/ally].

The attack will start on 30 July at 0000 hours.

As i and some members had opposed to the plan we were being secretly nobled out and kick out of the tribe, as i left not much time, i just want to warn u.
The message :

Dear members of *TA,
This is your leader, DK, as our tribe had being idle for too long, expanding only through nobling barbarian villages. I have decided with our family tribe leaders to attack [ally]TDE[/ally] and soon we will know if (edited for each tribe) will join us together in this attack.

As many of you might know, the (edited for each tribe) had been dropping in both ranks and members for quite some time and they are weakened, we will launch an attack on 30 July 2010, 0000 hours.

Please go to forum and find out more details about the targets and the players you have been assigned to. Claim your villages early and please don't claim if you don't have the resources to take them out. Many of you remember how I lead, we did well and know I don't backstab. So now we look to the future and new things to come! Thank u!

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Oh it just gets better..............

Your proof.............................

Dark Knight07 on 28.07. at 16:54
Hey nice try on the instagation. Shame it failed. U wrote kd a friend of mine haha. God too funny. Also u can't ever sound like me! Not even close

Leba today at 13:23
Nah, just a farewell gift for all of you and my tribe friends for 2 years after i lost interest and my friends screw my acc up. Good Luck Hope i make a lasting impression on you! Good bye :D

Leba today at 13:31
U might also want to know one leader took up the carrot so it's not a total failure after all. I plan these for 6 months after giving the acc to my friends


6 months to send out a message?
But the real question was who was dumb enough to believe him...

The only tribe we're at war with is the iron family and I doubt anyone else would even truly care


Well, they'll feel proper chumps, braced for an attack and they get

............................@@@ TUMBLEWEEDS @@@.....................................