All credit to those who persisted to the end..

As your Dukes, pikne and myself (and others on council) felt somewhat obliged to stick around to steer the ship, even if it were to sink. We remained optimistic right to the end despite being heavily outnumbered. We knew we had an experienced team. We felt we had a chance. Auphan throwing in the towel as they did was a big blow. I really think if they had stuck with it we really might have had a chance, but these things happen. We chose to persevere.

Persevering till the end is either character building or really stupid. I will still reserve judgment.....

Best Wishes to all who played W62
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It shows commitment, a team spirit, and spitting in the face of defeat.

Kudos to HONOR for refusing to die. You were a good tribe on this world. One of the best.


In your case Wei, I can verify that "really stupid" is the definite answer and would be very surprised if you disagree. :)

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