Hor 10/10 tribe.


Lyssie Jun 08, 22:02
why are you attacking me?>?

SeattleRain Jun 08, 22:04
I have been asked to clear and noble you since you are not supporting the tribe with your defense, not on the forum, etc. You are a turtle. I didn't clear that village so you could sit on it. Good Luck.

Lyssie Jun 08, 22:06
what???? you mean if i get attacked i camnt defemnd myself beccause all my defence is on their front? + why the instant attack and no talk about. if they just asked me i wouldnt mind helping with a bit

SeattleRain Jun 08, 22:12
The little bit they are asking for wouldn't hurt you especially since I and others around you are a mail away. I was told you did the same in your last tribe as well. This is nothing new for you. You use my help but refuse to help the tribe. We work together as a team or you get taken out. And, they did ask you. Time and time again if you bothered checking the forum.

Lyssie Jun 08, 22:13
Would it make any differece if i helped out now or is it to late?

SeattleRain Jun 08, 22:14
It's too late.

No Efford used to make this im done with this game.


the sweet sweet world of internals...
just imagine they have 2 other family tribes to internal next


Them Actions are to horrible see, you are basically getting bullied to send support or you would lose your villages

You should report this

Salvador Dali

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Nothing to do. But I do wonder if Lyssie is a friend of GenesisCommander... Might change the story for me.


Them Actions are to horrible see, you are basically getting bullied to send support or you would lose your villages

You should report this
I was in the same tribe as Lyssie on w96. It was mainly her co that did the tribe stuff and she just logged on from time to time and did whatever she felt like. It caused a few minor issues. I believe her co at the time is not on the account anymore so it doesn't surprise me to see a scenario like this.

On the surface this looks like the tribe bullying the individual and internalling for their own benefit. The reality is it's probably just Lyssie playing recreationally and solo with no interest in participating in the team until it was of benefit to her (not getting internalled). She's most likely only in the tribe for the image of protection it offers. Plenty of players do this. No real surprise here on either side.

If you join a tribe you have to pull your weight and proactively make some effort to communicate with the team to receive the benefits and remain a member. I don't understand why people find it surprising when they get kicked out for sitting around doing their own thing and waiting for someone to message you personally. If you don't make the effort to even read the forum, how can you expect people to make the effort to message you directly for every little issue? You are going to get replaced by someone that will.

It is then only natural that the tribe is going to try take advantage of this information and target the individual while they are weak and tribeless.

Sorry Lyssie, but the problem is with you, not your tribe.


As the leader of FORS i wanted to bring a bit of light into this, Lyssie was pretty much doing her own thing, never tooked on forums never sent support never participated in any op, she was just standing with her troops inside the villa and never ever stepped outside. It's a shaming she came on this forum raging. She never let me know what's going on, she pretty much played for herself.




I don't see the issue here. If you don't pull your weight, why should you get to stay in the tribe?


I told you Lys, this will eventually kill you in this game. Make a good reputation and you will be protected at all cost. :D Sadly you only choose who you want to help.

TBH Lys is not a skilled player nor a casual player. If only she was not big enough to help with defenses on w93 we SCREW would screw her good but her co saved her. But I guess not this time. XD