Hotaka: Some evil tyrant guy.


Yes, I've finally done it. It took only two days, but I took over a tribe! Anyways the nub leader let me in and everything. Was patient with him, but meh.

Mr Farmer on 13.03. at 02:07
Hello tribe!

Wondering what K you're in and I'd like everyone to Introduce them self in the Introduction section of the forum.

ChippyDale on 13.03. at 02:39
Just i like your thinks... You are really leader ;)

Mr Farmer today at 02:45
You make me duke now?

I can do a lot more things with duke.

ChippyDale today at 02:48
If you want i give you status of Duke, but you don't down me privilages. Now i have war on the w42 and i have not much time for this tribe...

ChippyDale today at 02:50
I have 455k point and 51 village now on the w42... :)

Mr Farmer today at 02:51
I promise not to do that :).

ChippyDale today at 02:56
lol... then ok... :)

Mr Farmer today at 02:58
Thanks, I'll do my best :D!

ChippyDale today at 03:01
I hope that... ;)

ChippyDale today at 03:06
You are Duke now... :)

Mr Farmer today at 03:10

And I was wondering what you online times were. Or when you get off. I'm a curios man!

ChippyDale today at 03:14
Ok. Now i'm busy some days, but we can doing sitter too..
It's nice for farming... ;)

Mr Farmer today at 03:15
KK, set me has sitter when ever.

ChippyDale today at 03:18
k. now i'm going to sleep. there is 06:18 O'clock... :D
Are you online some time?

ChippyDale today at 03:19
I had very good night. :D
Just i had 46 realy attack on the w42

Mr Farmer today at 03:21
Yeah, most of night/

ChippyDale today at 03:23
I dead 23 noble and 23 noble trains of enemy.
i loss 0 village
noble villages of enemy from me=3
at tonight only... :D

ChippyDale today at 03:23
then i give you sitter, ok?

Mr Farmer today at 03:27
KK, night/

ChippyDale today at 03:28
k. :) build headquarter and send troops on the barbarian village. ok? :D

Mr Farmer today at 03:29
Will do.

ChippyDale today at 03:31
When you will be of line, then give me your account i'll see it... :)

ChippyDale today at 03:31
KK. good night mate... :)

K thing was to know who was K66. And introduction was to find the experienced players from the nubs. Then, this:

Delete >>
Subject You have been dismissed from the tribe Chippy and Dale
Sent Mar 14,2010 03:39
Mr Farmer dismissed you from the tribe Shock Therapy
Delete >>

(Couldn't export)

Renamed tribe to my liking, and now kicking everyone who's not in K66.

I feel on top of the world! But, that may be because it was my first time trying and my first time doing it.



Hotaka, I am ashamed of you.

He obviously lost his mother at a very young age, how could you do this to him?