How is everyone?


"Who is Sajoco17?" some people may ask.

I've only been gone 9 months from this world, and it looks like it has changed quite a bit since then. My one-time 7 million points seem like nothing compared to what's owning the world these days. ~Or.D~ still had some life, though it was dwindling, and a large world war was which pretty much was North/West vs. South/East had taken over the world.

Now how's this world going? Is there still life?

I'm also wondering if there might be a push for a World 60 premade tribe made of mainly World 6 players. It's obviously going to be world for premades and since it is World 6x10 =P we practically have reasons to be there.


Not my business nor world, but I'd suggest you to write more about yourself, since 26th June 2011 explains pretty much everything.


Sorry. I was Sajoco17, an old player in this world, though not the oldest. I based myself in K49, so much outside the main line of fire in those wars, but I as I grew, I had many villages in the Eastern half of the world so I got an idea of what was going on further north.

My account deleted after I decided I needed to stop playing for school, and I was having trouble recreating that account or the forum account.

Now the reason I did not post that much information is that I was hoping some people would recognize the slight allusion to my old account by the use of the name.

...where's Miller D when you need him?


I recognised it Sajoco :p

However, this is the first time i've trolled these forums in a loooooong time :)

Miss the laughs and the banter with you lot!


miller sitting in his corner eating crisps and smoking :D


Not online it would seem 0.o


Sajoco!! I wasn't online D: silly lemon!

Join Jakubs premade


How do get in touch with him? BTW I'll be away from home/computer in your part of the world the next two weeks without Internet access. Small Europe trip but I hope World 60 doesn't start before I get back.

Good to see you guys back here. Hey Ashydr and Miller =]
and Last Family too though I don't recognize you =P