How many?


Just wondering a few things.

1) how many tribes are left that have not merged ?

2) how do people feel about tribes merging ?

3) do people feel that tribal wars is turning in to tribal hugs ?

my thoughts on these 3 are:

1) from what a can see there is just 4 left in the top 20
2) i feel that merging is simply a cheap way of winning and shows that the tribes feel they cant win with out it
3) lately i feel that the game is turning in to tribal hugs

just my own thoughts :icon_smile:


1) i dont keep track that well
2) it depends on the situation etc
3) its not really tribal hugs considering people are still attacking and nobling everyone.


1) Not looked!
2) Merging is a hug play!
3) There is to much hugging going on in TW! Tribe/player`s loyalty went out the window and in came the hug factor. :( They should make a world were you have to stay in the tribe you first joined or 2 tribe changes till you are rimmed and that would make players make there tribe work as one and no hugging or running from the plays.


1) Don't know.
2) Don't care unless it's the tribe I'm in.
3) Yes, and it's annoying.


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1) depends what you classify as a merge. would also depend on if u counted every tribe or just ones who are top 20

2) dont really like merges. but sometimes they are needed to keep the balance of a world. although i would prefer a world where you get 1 chance to join a tribe. and if you leave you get no second chance

3) no i dont think thats possible aslong as we have a solid foundation of players from older worlds teaching the new players how tw is supposed to be played.


1) merging is recruiting, without recruiting you wont have a tribe.

2) i hate it is players leave one tribe to join another to escape war

3) this game is getting more dirty with every world. more people are back stabbing friends and cause people to kill each other rather than hug them.


Merges make or break tribes, sometimes they work a treat, but other times they kill tribes, i remember when i was in YODA. and we recruited XiongD in a merge, they were based in k66 where we had no prescense and were warring with a tribe we had a NAP with, although we grew up to rank 6 or so, it caused unrest and war which broke the tribe.

However, the PcH merge/recruitment into infamy that was a great tactical advantage expanding there area north avioding a major confilct and bloodshed, also they got 2nd rank, as far as i know this had no intenal issues.

So merges are sometimes good if its thought, and you have been talking a while. It also depends what you class as a merge, a whole tribe joining another or just enough members to cripple the tribe.

So my answers:

1) -_- not that observant

2) ^^^^ Please read the above essay :L

3) Kinda explained this above aswell :L



Sometimes tribes merge strictly because of inactivity. I don't agree with merges for the sake of dominance/points.


I use to be kind of irritated by merging as well and figured being in alliance should be good enough.
However I have changed my opinnion somewhat on merging especially in endgame phase as it
does no good to have 3 allies end a world under their own banners as the rules clearly state that
is not possible so it is beneficial to winning to merge and keep your tribe at the maximum allotted
players for each world. That way at the end of the world you wont have to turn on an ally or
worry about merging before end phase can begin.


1) No idea.
2) I've always found that with merging you get a lot of useless players that you don't want.
3) No, still plenty of wars.