How to recruit and apply for a tribe

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So many people have no idea how to do either of these. when you do it wrong, you look like a noob and are never taken seriusly. really quick, this is what really should be included in a post for inviting or looking for a tribe.

Looking for a tribe: if you are looking for a tribe, you should always include...
-Your total points (lets them know how big you are)
-Your K (lets them know where you are)
-Your OD (lets them know you actually attack things. ODA is most important)
-Your IGN (in game name so they can contact you)
-Number of villages you currently have (they can do some quick math and figure out your average points per village and if you are over-building villages etc)
-Heading should include your K

Heading: K18 player looking for tribe
Post: Hi. Im looking for a tribe. I am in K18 and roughly 52k points, and growing fast. my OD is 40k and I have 9 villages. IGN is Fiercegoldfish.

Recruiting: If you are recruiting for a tribe, its best to include the following...
-Recruitement minimums (so they know if they make the cut)
-Where the tribe is based (so they know... well... where you are)
-Other recruitment minimums (troop minimums, OD minimums, etc)
-Where you are recruiting (again, so they know if they make the cut)
-The tribes points (so they know your size)
-Your tag (so they can look you up)
-Heading should include tribe name and location

Heading- PoLS recruiting in K15, 4, and 5
Post- WE are recruiting in K15, 4, and 5 and have a minimum of 50k points. we are primarily based in K5. there are currently no troop minimums, though you may be subject to being sat before we accept you to see you have at least a reasonable amount of troops. ODA must be at least 5k. we are currently 4 mill. points and our tag is PoLS.

Just thought that this was a neccesary post as so many people just post "im looking for a tribe". please stickie gruntie if you like :icon_biggrin:
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