How to win a world?


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Hey, Prime is doing good, the leadership is awesome and its members are one of the best in world20.

Some world finished notably world 12 which is the first world to finish...Then world 18..

World 12 won DNY one tribe only.. While world 18 won by multiple tribes namely Apoc, Apoc-c, BA..

Is there a formula in winning a world? Many players claim that they are elite players from other worlds...But upon closer inspection they are just good players who haven't won anything...

Is it worth it to win a World? Is there honor to be gained? Friends to be remembered?

History of world 20 is written in blood...One of the bloodiest world I've known.

So here is a question to those who played this world?

How do you win a world?

Opinions are welcome....I'm not here to flame anyone...I respect those players who fought well against Prime..So please avoid insults and provocation...Have fun!!!
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