Victory [HP] Round 2 - Congratulations to Stacks

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Dear players,

Our congratulations go out to the tribe High Walls (Stacks) and their members who have successfully won High Performance today.

We want to thank everyone that played on High Performance for their time playing Tribal Wars and hope they enjoyed playing the game.

Stacks finished the world with a total of 95.324.026 points, 8676 villages, and 20 members. They won the world by the tribe with the highest point score at the end of the time limit.

The final top three ranked players were as follows


1. FemmeFatale
2. Parmeza
3. Abbadon

These players will respectively be awarded 1000, 800, and 600 premium points.

In addition to this every member of Stacks will be awarded 500 points each.

Super Sized Villages

As announced, all owners of the four Super Sized Villages when the world ended will also be awarded 500 premium points each:

# 20754 Owner: Apidz24
# 20749 Owner: Lord Hexor
# 20748 Owner: Doinky
# 20743 Owner: FemmeFatale

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All the best,
The Tribal Wars team
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