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Discussion in 'W50 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by rossd93, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. rossd93

    rossd93 Guest


    The title grabs the attention right?

    Anyways... I'm looking to join world 50 as a co maybe. Or full ownership, I'm an experienced player, played many worlds before. I've been out of the game for some while now, and I'm looking for an account where there's growing space but not too much on front-lines, you know how it is, bit rusty and all.

    Anyway, premium is a must. Sadly, economy crisis and all that I recently lost my job so I can't afford the premium. :icon_redface:

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Black.Plague

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    God Of Barbs :icon_cry:

    P.S - If you lost the Job better find another before starting this game .. you'll end jobless for life if not do such :lol:
  3. rossd93

    rossd93 Guest

    In times of inactivity and no targets... sometimes you have to noble barbs just to keep up with growth. Cult was a huge dominant family tribe which left me with few options.

    And thanks for the advice.