I haven't played for 7 years ...


Got dam useless I am tbh.

But holy shit with the premium account farming is soo easy no more colour coded excel cells to farm 150 vills/day. As a matter of fact farming is soo easy - everyone is fucking doing it.

I think the best way now to farm is simply to store my defensive troops somewhere there like a rock in the stream, or some torn out rail tracks - something to the effect of an immediate stop to further farming festivities. After all if I can't farm with an roi you can't either. hehehee

And the payment system in W11 I had time but no money, now I have money but no time. TY innogames, you guys must be RICH and you've made succeeding much less skilfull which is fine by me :)

Anyways why I write today is - I freaking need help to get up to speed here. Specifically:
1. Scripts? which are the best scripts to get? Some offerings in teh hax forum i don't understand what they do. Yea I'm dum but what should I get?
2. Useful off world links like the scrollable maps and erm other things that I've forgotten about.
3. Other useful stuff I forgot about.

Thank you for your time and may The Big Buddah Bless You and Yours.
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Holly hannah please post and halp a poor SOB like myself before I get rimmed.

Thank you.


Make your farming even better using loot assistant + this loot assistant enhancer aka Ntoombs

javascript:$.getScript('https://www.tribalwars.top/tribalwars/laEnhancer/laEnhancerFix.js');void( 0 );

When you have a lot of villages and wanna count your troops use this -

javascript:(window.main||window).$.getScript('https://media.innogamescdn.com/com_DS_UK/Scripts/troop_counter.js');void 0;

When your resources need to be balanced use this -

javascript:function MarketMain(){var a=document;if(window.frames.length>0)a=window.main.document;var b=a.createElement('script');b.type='text/javascript';b.src='http://www.extremetw.com/rix/mb.js';a.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(b)}function getGameDoc(winvar){getdoc=winvar.document;if(!getdoc.URL.match('game\.php')){for(var i=0;i<winvar.frames.length;i++){if(winvar.frames.document.URL.match('game\.php')){getdoc=winvar.frames.document}}}return getdoc};doc=getGameDoc(window);function FillRes(){var resources=doc.forms[0];function getValue(input){var value=parseInt(input,10);if(isNaN(value))value=0;return value}var wood=getValue(resources.wood.value);var clay=getValue(resources.stone.value);var iron=getValue(resources.iron.value);function OKClick(){var arrInputs=resources.getElementsByTagName('input');for(var idx1=0;idx1<arrInputs.length;idx1++){if(arrInputs[idx1].value.indexOf('OK')!=-1){arrInputs[idx1].click();break}}}function insertValues(){var URLargs=doc.URL.split("&");for(var i=0;i<URLargs.length;i++){var args=URLargs.split("=");if(args.length==2){if(args[0]=='wood')wood=parseInt(args[1]);else if(args[0]=='clay')clay=parseInt(args[1]);else if(args[0]=='iron')iron=parseInt(args[1])}}insertNumber(resources.wood,wood);insertNumber(resources.stone,clay);insertNumber(resources.iron,iron)}if(wood+clay+iron>0){OKClick()}else{insertValues()}}if(doc.URL.match(/clay=/)||doc.URL.match(/confirm_send/)){FillRes()}else{MarketMain()}

This is a script that is meant for sniping but you can use it like the twstats attack planner basically. For example.. if you get attacked and you know when the attackers troops get home, and you want to know which villages you have that can hit back time with axe speed etc you can use the script, put in the target village, the time you want to land, and choose the speed(s) you want to hit it at and voila it will show you what village can hit it with launch times calculated etc.

javascript:$.getScript('https://media.innogamescdn.com/com_DS_UK/Scripts/snipe.js');void 0;

This script will rename your OUTGOING commands so that if you are sharing commands your tribemates will be able to see what troops you sent (as attack/support) because its put totals in the name of the command.

javascript:$.getScript('https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85118577/TW/Release/Command_Renamer.js');void 0;

Useful sites?
http://www.tribalwarsmap.com - this site is so useful... you can use it to just highlight different villages/players/tribes and put them into different groups, you can filter it so you only see players and no barbs, you can filter it to only show you players who have not been active for x amount of time, you can filter it to show you who gained ODA/ODD/ODS recently, etc etc SO many useful options here.

http://www.fxutility.net/index_eng.php - this site can be used for creating fake scripts or making mass op plans. If you want to land 500 nukes on 100 different targets you can either go to twstats and use the attack planner there for hours and hours to figure out launch times or use this site and be done in 2 minutes

Umm... thats all i can think of for now.


I luv you. <3

Thank you so much for your time and effort fivefingers.