I need help with my tribe


Don't listen to tiaco, he disbands tribes

tribes = plural

Therefore you're wrong.

all the time

Once again wrong. All the time would imply I'd be disbanding a tribe right now which I am not. :icon_cry:

and merges them after 2 weeks of war

Thread in the w28 suggests we were at war for longer than 2 weeks. Wrong again.

, while he gets his butt handed to him afterwards he than deletes his account

Proposition fallacy of affirming the consequent. Account deletion was planned way before. My butt wasn't handed. I had 232 villages, EoN took me 28.

(after he gets caught cheating and a bann is lifted)

Proposition fallacy of affirming the consequent again. Being banned doesn't mean cheating.

than tribes for some reason hand him bigger accounts to play...

Because I obviously suck. MTS asked me to continue playing (would want to see someone denying this with actual consistent proof), I was offered to co-play in DRINK and I was offered an account in ~L~. I wonder why... :icon_rolleyes:

Its a trend that the losers in w28 play because eventually they think they can get revenge after merging 1000's of times...which in the end might work but due to inactivity and not skill...

Worried with inactivity?

So in conclusion do not disband your tribe.

Yes just do like Lafr last tribe and join a bigger branch. :icon_rolleyes:



Just Keep doing what your doing... stay active grow... those weaker player will not slow you down and they will wean themselves out as they continue to not be active.. mind you do not enpower them to slow you down by having to Sit them all the time. Take a hard stand in sitting inactives and noble them after a two week sit.



Do they respond in the noble planner? And which tribe is this? Swift? or D M U?


Okay, so my tribe has a problem. Most don't reply to mail. They don't talk in the forums. They don't help eachother out. And they just down right don't listen to me.
Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should resolve this problem.(And don't say anything about disbanding, because I won't).

i reply and talk to mail lol i'm more active than you