I want to edit the basic construction templates


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Only the template you create yourself can be edited or exported.
I want to export and edit the basic ones but thats not possible
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sorry saw this originally and meant to send and forgot until you posted again.
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thanks for your reply
so a tribe member explained it to me
indeed the basic template cant be EXported
but it can be IMported and edited ~ when you create a new template / copy from "system"
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ok so the basic def template is pretty stupid :p

lvl 20 wall to protect lvl 19 pits @ an ACC managed village!? :p noone's gonna snob the 1144 points village! better spend it on pits

market no bigger than 15 with lvl 30 pits in a def village!? market should be lvl 20 at least

lvl 28 pits, market lvl 10!? very cheap but practical building, why keep it so small!? should be lvl 17/20 by then

an Academy in each def village with lvl 24 pits? why!? I advise my members not to build them in early game, just ship res to a coins flag village. saves on acad cost and you get a bonus

warehouse lvl 29 so you dont get 100% out of your res packs!?

pits lvl 18 ~ warehouse lvl 12 !? the 1st thing I do when I snob a village is upgrade wh to >14 for lvl 4 scav!
(and a big WH facilitates res balancer shhipments so you can grow the village. a tiny WH disables this

barRAX lvl 24 @ lvl 25 pits? expensive building while you dont have a queue that requires this lvl coz res are being spent on the village build...
you cant recruit Hcav until pits are lvl 25 with barracks @21 :p I calculated that Hcav recruitment is cost effective with RAX lvl 16/17 and pits 23?
a def template that doesnt enable hCav recruitment thats funny

WH's upgrades are 2 or 3 at a time. why1? XD coz the designer was too lazy to do 1 at a time. it's impractical.

A standard template should be designed so that i facilitates economical builds and some flexibility. this one does the opposite.
If you're using this template and you're under attack at the wrong time, you cant recuit sp+hCav and your wh's will be too small to send res between villages while dodging. but you wouldnt be able to ship res anyway coz you dont have merchants

none of this is a problem if you're a member of the dominant tribe and you dont have incs. but when you do, this template sucks

I dunno who designed this but I doubt he's ever played TW

Id design a good one myself if the feature wasnt so frustratingly impractical
(buildings are listed vertically now; Id go with horizontal + sliding bar / one row for each building type. not the full word for a building + lvl, but just a pic + number instead. you cant keep track of 280 lvls vertically)

One major reason for players to quit is that gets harder to manage more than a dozen villages. You really need to fix this template
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@auracraft ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the default AM templates.

However to me, these seems like a suggestion to improve the default templates.

In which case probably you should add your thoughts as an idea on the respective forum where players can suggest Ideas & Improvements for the game.

Keep in mind that sharing your ideas there does not always mean your idea will be implemented by the devs but that is the correct place to share ideas and improvements regarding the game.
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