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Hi guys, I'm quite frequently having someone ask me about how to farm more efficiently so I figured I'd make a farming guide. This guide will contain information similar to other farming guides out there, but will also contain some stuff I discovered myself and haven't been able to find online. This guide will cover 2 parts and farming techniques I use for either of those; farming barbs & farming players. Each technique works independently from other techniques, so it's completely up to you which things you'll implement in your farming and which things are too high-effort for you. Everything is a trade-off between time-spent vs reward.

I have also made a modified version of the LA enhancer script that will help out with farming once you have several villages. So make sure to check out the Automatically opening the LA enhancer with the "Farm" group for more information on that.

A prerequisite for this guide is to have loot assistant and a premium account. If you don't have the PP, buy the PP in the market. having these 2 features enabled will give you a return of investment on those resources in no-time.

Farming barbs
Farming barbs can take a lot of time or very little time, but if you do it right you should still be getting great farming results without having to spend too much time on it. I'll be covering the LA enhancer script, which is in my opinion the most powerful script you can have in Tribalwars and should be used by everyone who is trying to play on a world with any form of success. I'll also be covering terraforming to optimize your farming further.

LA enhancer script
The single most important script you should use. Not using this is going to significantly increase your time spent on farming barbs and you'll very likely get less resources anyways. When configured correctly, you'll only need to press 3 buttons to send out your farm runs, which will be the biggest source of your income. The other sections in this guide will also improve your farming, but to have the best "income-to-time-spent" ratio, this section is all you'll need.


Adding the script
In order to quickly use the LA enhancer script, perform the following steps:
1. Go to {Settings} > {Quick bar}
2. Press {Add new link}
3. Add the loot assistant using the following settings:

You can use a different number for the keyboard shortcut, but this guide will assume you used '8'
4. Press {Save}
5. Press {Add new link}
6. Add the LA enhancer script using the following settings:

You can use a different number for the keyboard shortcut, but this guide will assume you used '9'
7. Press {Save}
8. Press {8} and then {9} on your keyboard, so you should see this:
Default configuration
This script allows for a lot of different setups and a lot of it really comes down to experimenting and your own preferences, but in almost any setup some things will always need to be set a certain way. In this section I will give you all the required settings for a minimal effort setup that can already be used. blindly copying the tutorial here should get you started and give you results instantaneously.
1. Under {Available}, deselect all checkboxes except for LC
2. expand {Templates} by using the {+} icon
3. Set {A} to 1 LC
4. Press {Save} under {A}
5. Expand {Most recent plunders} by using the {+} icon
6. Set {Include reports from villages that you are currently attacking} to checked
7. Make sure everything else is unchecked under {Most recent plunders}
8. Set {Load Pages} from 1 to 9 (you can use a higher number if it loads instantly or less if it loads slowly)
9. Set {All rows hidden} to checked
10. Set {Not enough units are available} to checked
11. Set {Farming troops are available} to checked and set it to 0 (one number less than at step 3)
12. Set {Run default automatically} to checked
13. Set {Hide Wall Lvl} to checked and set it to 'Greater Than' and '0'
14. Set {Hide Distance} to checked and set it to 'Greater Than' and '15' (if you don't run out of LC in your village, you can set this distance higher. I don't suggest having a higher number than 20)
15. Set {Village sent to in the laster X minute(s)} to checked and set it to 'Hide' and '30' (if you don't run out of LC in your village, you can set this time lower. I don't suggest having a lower number than 15)
16. Set {Some losses} to checked
17. Set {Lost, but damaged building(s)} to checked
18. Set {Lost, but scouted} to checked
19. Set {Lost} to checked
20. Under 'Hot Keys', click on the the {A} button and press '+' on your numpad (You can use a different number for the keyboard shortcut, but this guide will assume you used '+'), for me it shows a 'k' instead of a '+' when I do this, but it'll work as intended
21. Press {Save changes}
You should now have the following settings:
With this setup you can now farm when doing the following 3 button presses:
1. Press '8' on the numpad
2. Press '9' on the numpad
3. Hold down '+' on the numpad
Note: You need to have at least one report available of each barb village you want to attack, which can be achieved by simply attacking it normally using the loot assistant. This also means you should never delete reports in your loot assistant folder or the script won't work

Advanced configuration
Making a more advanced configuration really comes down to experimentation and personal preference. The theory here is that using the Master button of the LA enhancer, you can set up a maximum of 3 profiles which will be used for farming based on certain criteria. For example, I use the following setup to farm in the early game:
1. if more than 1000 resources are scouted: c-farm
2. if less than 1000 resources are scouted and a full haul in the last attack, press 'B' (4LC and 1 scout)
3. If not a full haul: press 'A' (1LC)
So yeah, determine what works for you and experiment with it to see how many resources you get compared to using the default configuration.

LA enhancer with several villages
Once you grow larger and you have several villages, the LA enhancer will not know which villages should actually be used to farm with. Because of this, the LA enhancer will spend a lot of time loading the page for villages that you'll only be skipping. In this section I'll provide a way that I personally use to skip any villages you do not wish to farm with at that time.

Creating the "Don't farm" manual group
This group serves the purpose of adding villages that contain LC, but you do not wish to farm with. There is no need to add villages without LC to this group, as we'll cover those villages in the next section.
1. Go to {Overviews} > {Groups} > {Manual Groups>
2. Under {Create group:}, type "Don't farm"
3. Press {Create}
Creating the "Farm" dynamic group
This is the group we'll want to have active as we run the LA enhancer, since this group will contain all (and only) the villages we want to be farming with. To set it up, follow the steps below:
1. Go to {Overviews} > {Groups} > {Dynamic Groups}
2. Under {Create group:}, type "Farm"
3. Press {Create}
4. Under {Units}, check the checkbox and set the dropdowns to "Light Cavalry", "at home", ">", "0" (or any value that is one below the amount of LC you'll be sending on farming runs)
5. Under {Manual group}, check the checkbox and set the dropdowns to "Not a member of", "Don't farm"
6. Press {Save group}
With these settings you'll now only have villages in this group that are capable of sending out at least 1 farm run at that very moment and are not in your personally selected "don't farm" group if you want to keep the LC at home for an attack for example.

Automatically opening the LA enhancer with the "Farm" group
If you're lazy like me, you don't want to be spending extra time first opening the right group and then running the LA enhancer. So for this I've found a way to automatically run the right group as you're opening the LA enhancer. If you've followed this guide exactly as what I've done, you'll be opening the LA enhancer with the '9' hotkey (see: Adding the script). In the next step we'll use a modified LA enhancer script to do all the following steps for us:
- open the loot assistant (this means you no longer need to be pressing the '8' hotkey if you've followed this guide)
- select the "Farm" group
- run the LA enhancer

// Change this variable with the group ID of the group you want to use
var myGroup = 0;

var win = (window.frames.length > 0) ? window.main : window;
if (game_data.screen == "am_farm") {
} else {
  self.location = win.game_data.link_base_pure.replace(/screen\=\w*/i, "screen=am_farm&group=" + myGroup);

1. Open the {Village groups} popup by pressing the arrow icon next to your village name (left of your resources)
2. Under {Group}, select the "Farm" group. You should now see a list of villages you can farm with.
3. Press on any village name in the list --> this will go to this village overview, but more importantly, also add some extra information in your browser url in the form of "&group={GROUP_ID}" (see screenshot for my personal URL on Google Chrome)
4. Copy the last part of the URL, which is the group ID. In my example that is 72871
5. Go to {Settings} > {Quick bar}
6. Press {Edit} next to the "LA Enhancer" quick bar item
7. Modify the LA enhancer script by copy and pasting the modified LA enhancer script above.
8. Modify the line "var myGroup = 0;" by changing the value "0" to the value of the group ID you copied in step 4. See screenshot for an example where my group ID is 72871
9. Press {save}
Now, whenever you press '9' from anywhere, the loot assistant page is opened with your farm group selected. Then if you press 9 again, The LA enhancer script is executed and you'll be able to farm with only the designated farm villages. If you have followed this guide exactly, you now have to only press the following 3 buttons to farm with your "farm group":
1. Press '9'       --> Loot assistant with correct farm group is opened
2. Press '9' again --> LA Enhancer script is executed
3. Hold down '+'*  --> farm runs are sent out

*If you change this LA Enhancer master button setting from '+' to '9' as well, you only have to use the same button 3 times in a row.

Unfortunately barbs will build walls from time to time, which will cause you to lose LC and a lot of them as well if you don't deal with it properly. The reactionary way to deal with this is to (1) increase the amount of LC in your farm runs so you have a higher chance of not losing a lot and (2) sending out rams to reduce the wall back to 0. The problem here though, is that the wall is going to keep getting leveled up again so eventually you'll still lose more LC using these tactics.

The proactive way of dealing with this is called terraforming. Barbarian villages have the same build restrictions as players, meaning in order to build a wall they need to build barracks, which requires a lv3 headquarters on its own. Terraforming aims to make sure the barb cannot build walls. It is said terraforming a barb village will also make the pit levels higher, but I fail to see how this has any impact before the barb villages grow to their maximum amount of points.

Terraforming a barb
Terraforming is quite simple with the only requirement being: have a lot of catapults. In order to terraform a village you have to do the following steps:
1. Reduce wall to level 0
2. Reduce Barracks to level 0
3. Reduce Headquarters to level 1
Doing this puts the barb 4 random upgrades away from building a wall, because it first needs to build 2 headquarters levels and 1 barracks level, keeping your LC completely safe from any wall upgrade for at least a day.

You can also take terraforming to more extreme levels by catapulting down any building that aren't pits or the warehouse. Doing this should make it so that barbarians end up with higher than normal pit and warehouse levels once they reach their maximum points, resulting in better farm in the mid-to-late game.

In order to determine the amount of catapults needed to bring down a building to level 0, the simulator is going to be a useful tool. Simply input the building level of the catapults target and then see how many cats you need. In order to use less catapults, you can actually send a "cattrain"; several attacks of lower amount of catapults. The reasoning behind it is that you'll need less catapults to bring a building to level 0.

This can be proven using the following example of the simulator (on a simple research world), where I'll want to reduce a building from level 5 to level 0:
As you can see, you'll need 9 cats less when sending a cat-train than when sending a single attack.

Once a barb is terraformed, it needs to be maintained to make sure the barb doesn't build its headquarters back to level 3 so it can start building barracks. To do this you can send 2 cats to the village every day (I prefer every 12 hours myself) and target the headquarters to make sure it doesn't happen. It is possible that the headquarters built up several levels. So if the attack report says it went from level 3 to level 2, simply send another attack. I also suggest sending a scout with the second attack so you can see if the barracks were built too.

When doing this, it would be nice to remember which barbs were terraformed. I like the following simple solution for doing this:
1. Highlight the terraformed barbs on your map into a new group: "terraformed"
2. Copy the list of villages
3. Go to: "" and paste the copied list
4. Set {Troops to be sent (1)} to checked, set the input field to 2 and set it to catapults
5. Press {Create}
Fake script generator clickable URL
6. Go back to Tribalwars
7. Go to {Settings} > {Quick bar}
8. Press {Add new link}
9. Add your newly created fake script
10. Go to the rally point
11. Click on your fake script in the quick bar
12. Press enter twice
13. Repeat steps 11-12 until you went through the entire list
Troop templates
A thing I've found useful when sending cat-trains for terraforming, was to add troop templates for each building level to be reduced by 1 level. As could be seen in the cat-train example above, it takes 3 cats to reduce a building by 1 level when it is level 4 or 5, and only 2 cats when it is level 1, 2 or 3. If you want to send a cat-train quickly you can make 2 troop templates out of it:
1. Go to {Rally point}
2. Go to {Troop templates}
3. Select {Create new template} on the right
4. Set {Catapults} to '2'
5. Set {Template name} to 'lv 1-3'
6. Click on {Create Template}
7. Select {Create new template} on the right
8. Set {Catapults} to '3'
9. Set {Template name} to 'lv 4-5'

Note that you should use the simulator on your world to determine how many cats are needed for each level. Do not blindly copy the numbers of this guide.

Farming players
farming inactive players in the early game can be very profitable If you're willing to clear out the villages. The LA enhancer does not work for player villages, so a different solution is required to "automate" this as much as possible. Aside from just farming by manually going to each village, I have discovered different techniques which, although a bit more time-consuming, does make it easier to farm these villages.

Marking the farms
Similarly to terraforming, you'll want to keep track of the cleared player villages that you'll be farming. The simplest way to mark a player village you'll want to farm is to use the in-game map highlights. Simply create a new group called "player farms" and add every village you've cleared to this list.

I've used 2 different ways to farm player villages. The first is using the the fake script similarly to terraforming. The second is the report enhancer script, which allows you to see the predicted resources for a village based on its last report. This is basically c-farming, but for player villages. Which technique you'll use is entirely up to you and very dependent on your location on the map. If you have lots of competition, the fake script will probably be better. If you don't have a lot of competition or people don't know you've cleared a village and is free to be farmed, the report enhancer script may be better.

Fake script
Once again, this is basically the same as the terraforming section. The only change is that you'll be switching from cats to LC:
1. Highlight the player villages according to "Marking the farms"
2. Copy the list of villages
3. Go to: "" and paste the copied list
4. Set {Troops to be sent (1)} to checked, set the input field to a number of units you'll want to send (e.g. 1) and set it to LC
5. Press {Create}
6. Go back to Tribalwars
7. Go to {Settings} > {Quick bar}
8. Press {Add new link}
9. Add your newly created fake script
10. Go to the rally point
11. Click on your fake script in the quick bar
12. Press enter twice
13. Repeat steps 11-12 until you went through the entire list
Report enhancer script
As I said earlier, this script basically allows for c-farming on player villages. You are required to save your previous attack reports though, since the script needs them to predict the resources.
(window.TwCheese && TwCheese.tryUseTool('BRE')) || $.getScript('');
1. Add the report enhancer script to your quick bar
2. Highlight the player villages according to "Marking the farms"
3. Open the in-game map
4. Click on a highlighted village
5. click on the {Village info} button
6. Open the most recent report of the village
7. Run the report Enhancer script
8. Set it to {Raid Predicted Resources}
9. When using a haul bonus flag, set {Haul bonus} to the value of your flag (e.g. 8)
10. Click on the LC button > the rally point is opened
11. Add 1 scout to your attack
12. Launch the attack
13. Repeat steps 4-12 for each village
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Hi iDisbelieve,

Firstly this is an amazing guide thank you for taking the time to write it up and share!

Hoping you may be able to further explain the master button settings.

My primary issue right now when my attempted settings is if a full haul then master button will constantly send 2lc/1sc until the first one sent actually lands.
Same issue occurs in the event of 1k+ res being scouted with c-farm, quickly draining a village of scouts.

Not so much of an issue with closer barbs but with a 150 min walk to 15 fields away can be quite painful in the 10-15field range, eventually have 200lc walking to a village instead of 40 for a c-farm and singles there after.

Appreciate all the work you've put into making guides.



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Hi @penetier ,

You're always going to need to make sacrifices somewhere when using LA enhancer since you only have 3/4 profiles max and don't have complete freedom over the settings you want. Assuming you have a similar setup to the "advanced configuration" section in my guide I will give you my tip based on that:

Limit your range for c-farming / sending scouts (B in my guide). I haven't logged in for a while, but I'm fairly certain you can setup the parameters in a way where you will only do "A-farming" from a certain range onwards. So in this setup you would be "c-farming" close-range, but only micro-farming long-range. I always used to recruit a lot of scouts in my first village so I never really ran out. Also, if I ever ran out of scouts, then my settings would just keep sending LC only (A) instead of skipping the village.

If you want to insist on getting bigger hauls long-range or not miss out on full villages due to a lack of scouts, I don't think there is a single good solution for the LA enhancer. You may be better off checking "full-haul" reports in your loot assistant folder and running the "report enhancer script" on those reports. That way you can decide to send 50% of the suggested LC manually for a full haul if it's far away for example. This is also what I used to do and then after I sent my LC to all full-haul villages, I would run the LA enhancer script to micro-farm the remaining villages I hadn't sent any LC to in the last 10-20 minutes.

Hope this helps =)