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Discussion in 'W30 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by tiemen189, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Dear players!

    I like to play a game called: tribalwars.
    I play at a Dutch server in the World 5 on account: Libel2.
    Now 15.450.814, rank 91 of the world.

    Points will not say anything.. (I think you know it)
    I got rank 3 in ODD, you call it Opponents defeated as defender. (239,14 Mio.)
    I got rank 33 in ODA, you call it Opponents defeated as attacker. (total 80,81 Mio.)
    Total opponents defeated: 319,95 Mio. (Rank 5 of our world).
    It's quite good for our world in the Netherlands..

    But I will go international.. Why?
    - I will improve my English.
    - I think, I got experiences, but I'm wondering what the level from the international server is.
    - I like this game and I will support someone.
    - I think I'm a team player and I will help in a tribe, completely new for me.

    I'm looking for an account:
    - at least 8 million points..
    - on the account will be a leading player (I got experions, but I need any introduction)

    Why I choose this world, world 30?
    I think it looks like a world like World 5 in the Netherlands.
    I like the number of points, and it will be more and more..
    I like to building up an account, but not from the beginning.

    A remark:
    I can't pay for this world and this game, I need also a leading player who will be prepared for buying premium points -called in the Netherlands-.

    I hope I will get some deals, but I hope you don't forgot my requirements!
    After some deals I will give some persons my email address and my msn.
    More information, send my a message!

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Tiemen - Libel2

    Ps. Sometimes I can't write everything good, I will improve it.