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Dear community,

Your opinion and ideas count for the further development in this game. This is why we will be making the process of submitting suggestions and ideas more clear and transparent to you.

How it works
When you have an idea, you can submit it in this forum. At first, the idea will be invisible to the rest of the community (and yourself) until someone from the moderation team approves the idea for voting.

As soon as an idea has been approved for voting, a poll will be enabled on the idea that will last for 21 days. After this period of time a 75% majority in favor of the idea needs to be achieved in order for it to be submitted to the developers. When this period ends it will be moved to the "Being Processed" section, after which it will be submitted to InnoGames and receive an internal reference number.
Once in that section, the idea or suggestion will be updated in each stage the idea runs through.

An idea can be rejected at every stage of the process. The reasons can be, but are not limited to:
- Technical limitations​
- Would require a too big change to the game​
- Did not reach the voting requirements​
- It has been suggested before​
- It does not fit with the vision of the developers​
- ...​

Some hints
- When submitting an idea make sure to describe the suggestion as accurately and complete as possible. The more information you provide, the more players will understand and vote for your suggestion.​
- Choose a good and short title that attracts the community to read your topic and that matches what you suggest.​
- Keep a close eye on the suggestion during each stage of the process. It is possible you will be asked to provide more information, or to clarify a certain point. Not providing this in time might lead to the idea being rejected.​
- Working with pictures is a good way to show users what you mean. Use them to explain the current situation and/or the suggested situation!​
- Nobody likes to read pages and pages of text. Make sure your suggestion contains all the information it needs, but also try to keep it as short as possible. Make sure your text is entertaining / interesting to read!​

A final note:
Not all ideas put into the "Being Processed"- forum are actually submitted. We are limited to submitting a few suggestions and therefore we give priority to suggestions with a higher approval rating and a higher amount of votes.
This means it is in your favour to ask people to vote for your suggestion!

Good luck!
Your Community Managers
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