In One Short Year.......


Not even sure what made me check out this site today, could be my subconscious mind which I am sure has been engraved to some degree by my experiences playing this game.

I'd have to say I was amazed at how few players are still on this world. I only saw 2 remaining players from my former tribe. Zero players from any friendly tribes to The Shadow or the ChickenHawks.(remember them?)

Way to go killed all the good guys! Now what are you going to do? LOL

Seriously though, I just want to say congrats to any original account holder on this world. If you are still here, you deserve to be. This game takes a lot of time and effort and you should all take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. (then take another moment and give your heads a

I never got into public forum posts in my time here, though I did want to say goodbye when I was defeated, it just hurt too much to do it.
Hopefully the efforts of my band of misfits (King Darius, Klyptzyxm,Martin Longbow, Kikkidy,
Jasanne, Jithu1983) ecouraged and enticed some of you guys to fight hard and remain here. I see that many of my former enemies are alive and well, so I think we did our part.

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O, hai...

We all remember those tribes, but out of those players, I only know of Martin... :3

He was very dramatic, especially in his departure, but it added a fun twist to the forums... :D


Many of us remember you as a very worthy opponent in the NW, you were quite a challenge. Good Luck in rl, hope it's treating you well :)


I suspect you looked in because you had a feeling that it might be your last chance to do so!

I assume that, as we (Apoc) killed all the good guys, that would make us the bad guys?

If so then all I can say is "Next we will rvule the vurld!" (Imagine the Black Adder baddie played by Hugh Laurie).