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Y'know what? As I drunkenly message a former tribemate about worlds bygone, I can't help but wonder whether boredom along with constant IM contact (innocently provided by Skype) is potentially responsible for half of the drama and bullshit that goes in TribalWars.

I mean, what do you say tp someone with whom you have little in common, if not "So how's about that NAP/war with BlahBlah?" And how do you respond without giving away sensitive information?
I suppose you can always talk about Trump without any fear of antagonism :eek:

Maybe this is just a reflection of my lack of social skills, and maybe the fact that I am posting this on a TW forum forever damns me as a social pariah and eternal virgin. (Srsly though, at least one of these is possibly false.)

But on the other hand - speaking as a fellow who has always prided himself as being "out of the loop" - I do have to wonder whether that might not be part of the problem? Maybe I'm just not 'in' enough to understand the accepted etiquette. But what's with the 'win at all costs' obsession in much of the TW community, and no less importantly the hurt feelings when other folks' perceived unsavoury play styles don't gel with yourn?

What causes those attitudes - 'cos in and of themselves it's hard to see how mere pixels on a screen could be any great motivator?
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It might be a factor, though I think there are also those who are just looking for info, and thus in time will find it.

You don't even need to tell them exactly what you wish to hear, speak with enough people and cross reference what you feel might be right, or what they are implying. You'll find out the relation between tribes in no time.