ingame attack planner - allow 'all' as input

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the current ingame attack planner looks great
however thought it would be useful if it was possible to do the following:

1) have the option of putting in "all" for the troops amount section - instead of a fixed number (personally dont want to put 999999 each time i use)
2) have the options to add a small note to the order for some extra details where needed
3) for orders in attack planner to be seen without ticking the attack planner box - currently they only seem visible when the box is ticked, which also overrides the political map settings
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Hey @AuroraMoon

Thanks for your suggestions. I removed the second and third idea from the suggestions as the idea is to create separate threads per suggestion, unless a next idea builds on the previous suggestion. As you suggest entirely different topics within this feature, please create a seperate topic for each which will be voted on individually.

The first suggestion is approved for voting.

Good luck!