InnoGames TV Episode 9!

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    Dear Players,

    The September episode of InnoGames TV is now online. Every month we talk to game designers, community managers and developers to bring you the latest updates on your favorite game.

    This time, for the first time ever InnoGames TV features an iPad competition. So check out the new episode and see how you can participate.

    For the September episode of InnoGames TV, we asked Jay and Peer from the Forge of Empires team to answer your most pressing community questions. In addition, Nils, the Lead Community Manager of Rising Generals, gives you an office tour while updating you on the closed beta start. Additionally Nino from the Tribal Wars 2 team gives you some background information on the recently completed closed beta and gives an outlook of the open beta. Last but not least, you’ll see what we did at this year’s gamescom!

    Check out the September episode and give us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you!

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