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Hello mate,

So the reasoning behind this post is a recruitment for a position in world 2. This is one of the oldest worlds with some of the most experienced and skilled players. I write to you to see if you are interested in multi million point accounts with hundreds/thousands of villages that will be at your disposal.

What I/we are looking for! A very active player who will be able to dedicate the time and learning that is needed to maintain such an account. You will need time and Premium points in order to play this account(do not reply/think you can maintain an act this large without). If you are interested and willing to try and handle such an account, then please respond to this and I will get back to you with more information (PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN PLAYING/ABLE TO PLAY SUCH A LARGE ACCOUNT) I will be screening you if you do so indeed choose to want to play.

I look forward to your reply,


I will take it :p Send me a message...I started on World 6...can i maybe try it for a week or so and if i cant handle it, pass it on to someone else?