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Still Going Strong
Okay everyone... I have a video made today wondering to post it or not.. let me know if you think I should post the video either PM me or just like message don't care but don't wanna post just in case there's like no Fs given ahaha... it's your choice guys, or should I have a poll on it :D:p



Still Going Strong
Okay, enough people have asked for it lol, the video of me sort of out my head will be coming out later today... maybe around 19 sever time lol. I will make a thread for myself as this will become a weeekly thing if I make it if you guys want it ahah, BUT if you don't, we can get rid of the thread and stick to doing nothing :) be prepared... be alone... because it's gonna get rather cringy.... the only reason why I did this is because I had a bit too many ;) couldn't do this sober. Thanks see ya soon :D

Gwaihir aka Bluetomahawk

Non-stop Poster
hard to find actives really... most of them want to jump anyways or turn inactive... guess it goes under your skin when you jump whole world avoiding conflicts... :confused: