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...and here we have it! A brand new section for general discussion.

Now, lets make a few points clear:

* This forum is not made for senseless spamming. If you decide to post wall-of-text, spam irrelevant one-word-posts or similiar, you will be punished accordingly.

* We do not tolerate inappropriate language and insults here either. Such things will be punished in the same way they've always been.

* Advertising is offlimits. Standard punishments for advertising is either permban (for accounts seemingly made only for advertising) or several months ban or a permanent 1-2p-infraction (for older accounts).

* Of course are you not allowed to post pro-nazi-propaganda, racist stuff, or any pornographical/sexual content, or similiar.

Else than this, it's pretty open. You can discuss pretty much whatever you want here, as long as you don't violate the things I just stated or the regular forum rules.

I would suggest that if you are unsure of whether you're allowed to post a thread about something; send a PM to the moderator of your world or to any of the Elder Moderators and ask for their opinion on it, and whether it'd be allowed. I can assure you that those mails won't be ignored.

Now when you all have read this, you can go ahead and chit-chat all you wish.


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And one more thing to add:

* We don't allow discussion of infractions/bans or moderation.

If you feel that an infraction was unfair, or a ban was, or have something to say about the moderation: PM an Elder Mod. We take those PM's seriously. Posting threads about it here will however get you nowhere.
Not open for further replies.