iP. A history!

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Ah hello there World 21.

As promised I am going to chronicle you through the creation, building and sustainment of the tribe known as iP.

We had some ups and downs but at the end of the day I believe the majority of people in there had a damn good time.

I will go through things chapter by chapter and dependent on who is interested or not, just don't post "tl;dr" or I'll be requesting deletion of said posts, thanks!

Take note this is NOT a pro iP eassy, it is a evaluation of my tribe based on World factors, my success as a leader, and of course my abundant failures! :)

I apologise for the length of this, I doubt anybody will read it! I just spoke to a few people who were interested in a sort of in depth history or whatnot and I was really bored. :icon_evil: 4000 words of boredom to be precise!

I thought it might also be interesting for people who want to lead a tribe, I don't know just be nice! :)

Chapter One - Creation

After having a number of offers from premades asking me to join World 21 I was skeptical, however after looking at the settings it was without a doubt a world I wanted to play, the settings I had grown use to on World 4, with the exception of the speed, which gave a chance for my not so great commitments in terms of time period, I could only be on at certain times bar sitting.

So although there had been discussion of a World 4 tribe, possibly somewhat similar to Die. I decided to grab the bull by the horns and start things myself, take note I made this decision 36 HOURS before the world was set to start, time was thin and I had to hurry.

Here I will show you the message I sent to the players I chose from World, INCLUDING the original people mailed. The players Ashmodai and Outbreaker123 also commited to the cause, but naturally they were not World 4 players so were recruited via Skype and MSN respectively. The aim of the tribe was to incorporate the best and most controversial of what World 4 had to offer, I invited tribemates, allies, people I had fun forum debating with, people I flat out did not like, and other types of people who I knew despised each other (I chuckled when Sucheralex and Thorn is red popped up next door to each other on the map, drama was to ensue I assure you!!)

Well I'm too lazy to go abck and edit what I wrote, so expect what I am writing to seem like an improvised speech, which is exactly what it is. turns out I lost the original mail, however I do have the mail I sent to those who accepted, approximately 12 hours later, as you can expect things had to move very fast.

Greetings slected mailed player,

You are special. You have recieved this mail because you have either said yes OR maybe to my invitation to you to join a W21 tribe. (maybe means yes in my eyes, w00t!)

Now continuing, sign up will go as follows.

W21 opens between 14:00 and 16:00 Monday 23rd of June - which is TOMMOROW PEOPLE! YES, tommorow! :-O

-Join W21 at 15:00 server time, or as SOON as it opens, any time within 5 hours of this is fine though, just do your best (if someone from your tribe in W4 is playing then maybe give them your password so they can start your account possibly?)
-Start in the NORTH EAST sector of the map, if for some reason there is no north east then go to the NORTH WEST, however north is east is our priority.
-Mail ME for entrance, however when I have a few members in I will be setting barons to help me dish out invites, they will be listed on the TRIBE PROFILE blah blah blah.

Ground Rules
-W4 is not W21, so if anyone wants to bitch about W4 in W21 you are in the wrong place, we are on here to show how we rock and how a huge clash of personalities can make a good tribe.
-Two days inactive = kick. no "buts" or "ifs" if you are away for a while then SET A SITTER and we can rotate your sitting! This will be made easier once I set up a chat/Irc channel.
-KILL KILL KILL, we are here to dominate and show off W4 skill, lets show them what we are made of.

World 21
15:00 server time onwards to join.
Stay active.

Much love,

I know, you notice flaws in my plan already? 15:00 server time? For 60 people? I didn't realize until later on that this could definitely cause population problems in terms of 6 players in each others square, however strangely not everyone got this mail on time, and as so many people had different online times the spawning worked out PERFECT, and we spread out among the majority of the continent, some were even in K43/33/34, so it seemed we had created a nice circle.

Chapter Two - Getting things started

Well typical of me school meant that I was not able to start the tribe until 17:00 server time, and being the evil bunny he is Ashmodai ended up making the tribe for me to reserve the name, I still have not forgiven him for this, one day he'll pay! However I was generally thankful and by the time I made it we were around 13 members to the good.

Jun 23
16:00 The tribe has been founded by Ashmodai (deleted)

Within approximately 4 hours we were at around 50 members, already 10 above the 40 I had suspected. turns out that other World 4 players heard of our plans and ended up applying, I took interviews and whatnot and to those who got in I could not have been more thankful, I know a huge amount of them REALLY helped towards the cause in the long run. However my concerns about my itchy "invite" finger were addressed to the World 21 public here.


I looked at the continent and it seemed that we had a little but of competition, the family tribe EoWAR,ToWAR, and whateverOWAR (there ended up about 5 of them with more than 400 combined members) thwarted our numbers a big 5 to 1, and although I knew we were more skilled those types of numbers are nasty for any tribe, especially as I openly admit iP was not set up with the aim of being a "pro" tribe, lets not forget the presence of Pie?!, Royal and LoS. (it turned out later on that Pie?! and Royal were being led by Tbarret who was multi accounting!

I ended up speaking with one of the Royal leaders "Natsume Shin" and we discussed the possibility of a possible temp alliance in order to bring down the Owar family, and afterwards go on with our business, however from talks with him it was evident Royal were not a strong tribe, and I was enraged when Tbarret informed me that Royal were "going to see how iP developed" especially when the deal I interpreted was nothing more than to take down the mass recruiters of the continent.

I promptly told my men that Royal although marked down for NAP temporarily, were to be viewed as enemies very soon.

A lot of public forum propaganda was spread upon our creation, and the ICE CREAM/iSCREAM craze annoyed the hell out of a lot of W21ers, I knew it was time to warn my tribe to tone it down, lest we be hated by the entire world for the entire time, that was definitely not what I wanted!

Examples of our annoyingness can be seen below!

http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=75325 - KST's announcement that iP will be changing the concentration of milk in their Ice Cream, something I secretly thought was pretty funny, others seemed very agitated, I guess the thread was slightly like Marmite!

http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=74416 - Orangeflame a member of iP asking if "anyone knew who we were", silly Orange! :) <3

http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=75325 - KST APOLOGISING, something I thought was very noble, especially due to the amount of annoyance over the "Ice Cream" slogan now.

Chapter Three - The gangbanging, cracks start to appear ALREADY?

And so we were approximately 9 days into the new world, and having realized iP was here to stay Tbarret began to grovel for a "power alliance" between the two of us, me being arrogant me in a single day rejected diplomatic relations with "LoS, Royal and Pie?!" in a generally rude fashion, and naturally the fun began.

However iP was struggling, as all 3 tribes began to hit at us, with our K45ers also being notched about by 24/7 our enemies list was growing heavy. The tribe was as such split into sections, those who were completely ecstatic at having so many enemies (I was overjoyed!) and those who thought I was running us on a suicide mission, however we struggled on and the declaration of iP being ready to stand up to their varied enemies was made.


It was time to see if OF's, KST's and practically the boasting of the entire tribe could be met with an ability to survive, I won't deny there was casualties, I myself after a series of dogding and scouting with Sir Zoe, was finally caught offline and my offense subsequently wiped, as one can see already I made the mistake of being sole offense, and as such had to be flooded with support to survive, iP's resistance was already showing with so many people helping to the cause, it was clear despite differences in World 4 everyone was up for the challenge, and royal slowly began to fall. The first victory was ours, but combined Pie?! and LoS were still far outweighing us.

MY being cleared by Sir Zoe can be seen at this thread


The tribe MM was formed out of Royal's remnants, and ourselves and MM began to share a similar philosophy towards the game, although nothing was established at the time we would later go on to become fantastic allies!

At around this time I realised our current workload would need someone else to share the load, and as such I promoted my baron of internal affairs KSTornado to the Duke position, despite me and him having different views on iP's direction in terms of enemies I still hugely respected him, and it meant that tribe decisions got a view from both leaders.

We began to look at diplomatic relations with other tribes as nobling had subsequently started and very early into the world "Star Pleasure" had began and a beautiful relationship had just started that would be extremely dominant in our sector of the map. Although we were no means a family tribe across the course of the next couple of months support WOULD be exchanged between the tribes when needed.

We also went on to accept a NAP with a small tribe ~Dsyn, who to this day I maintained was comprised of the craziest players I have ever come across, despite having less than 30 members and being ranked 89, they helped more than one could ever know in terms of support, and even declared on virtually all our enemies, the only thing I regret was that it seemed only one tribe was benefiting from this relationship, that being iP. As such I upped communication between our two tribes, and like SRWS, a lot of support was exchanged and a heap of mutual respect between the two tribes, they would be instrumental in our success, and in the end their 8 most active moved into us, after they seemed to be running out of the fuel that made us love them so much. It truly was a match made in heaven. :icon_wink:

A NAP was also made with the tribe UNP-CK, and this was a huge mistake by me. Although respect to KST, I believe I felt a little pressured by him to enter into diplomatic relations with tribes I actually wasn't so fussed on. Despite several promises by their leader of them joining the war on our side it seemed they actually allied everyone in the continent and merely existed rather than did anything. Keen to rectify my mistake the UNP NAP later on in the month would be dropped, and they would be promptly annihilated, the remains being pressured into merging with LoS who by then were our only remaining viable enemy.

After the downfall of Royal we were promptly offered NAP's by 24/7 and Pie?!, in the end after lengthy council discussion we decided to continue our wars with them and finish what we had started as seen HERE >


HOWEVER later on I would be forced to admit the 24/7 war was a pointless one, especially considering the lack of action by either side who had other things to worry about. Funny how as I write this I am now merging with the tribe I wished complete death upon, however as the world progressed I believe me and TBS developed some form of mutual respect and that is how tensions eased, well either that or he completely pittied my irrelevant rambling!

Now its morning and I forgot where to go from so I'm going to have to read this entire thing to continue, le sigh!

Chapter Four - The Pie?!...LoS and *SAS* Saga

And so Royal were down, however Pi?!, LoS and TTK had now decided they wanted some, with Alex(insert multiple numbers here) trying to make threats in order for me to NAP *SAS*

It was around this time that Pie?! actually managed to make the first cap in the war, which was enough indication for my guys that we really needed to get into shape, the majority of players still only had 1-3 villages so it was a shame when Red Cross Knight lost one, and I was directly blamed for the "suicide mission" iP were embarking on. One by one more people were needing support and it seems we were becoming dreadfully stretched.

Alex the leader of *SAS* was still trying to threaten me into a NAP, I would continue to keep him sweet for a couple of weeks until we had relieved pressure, *SAS* would be next. However as I told my council I would not accept a NAP with *SAS* KSTornado finally lost his rag, left the tribe and deleted his account. Although I would not admit it at the time KST leaving helped improve the efficiency of the tribe, it was not that I did not respect him or appreciate him as duke, however we differed too much in opinions, I didn't feel the need to be sured up by so many alliances, whereas KST tended to opt for a better safe than sorry policy, everyone to their own I guess, but KST was not willing to be part of what he labelled as a suicide mission and left the tribe.

It was around this point things magically seemed to turn around, Pie?! lost a group of influential players such as crim-uk and Dexblade (Dexblade later moved into iP after lengthy discussion with Mystic Conjuror) and slowly the conquers seemed to roll in, once again iP spirit had shown, we had lots of casualties, but the amount of support we managed to roll in time after time was nothing short of great and a real testament to how well the players had bonded. However it was at this time quite a few original members began to quit the world, and we replensished our numbers with players such as Joshthegreatking (later kicked for revealing war plans to a Mental player), Palerno, Pabs01 (both kicked for going yellow inactive) although in the long run they failed to contribute, another mistake by me, they definitely bolstered us at the time and when they first joined were pretty active and after interviews I was sure they would be great for iP.

So Pie?! were slowly falling, and LoS were not doing much at all, and oh the sweetness of Alex begging for a NAP, he did not want war, despite me being shown mails by gimmegimme5 of Alex asking LoS "when they were going to join in the iP slaughter".

As I was on a public forum ban (my fourth for those interested) I could not make the war declaration, however thanks to Sasa of DISNEY (who later joined iP after the DISNEY/247 merge) the declaration was made public and Alex's embarrassment and desperate nature was shown to the entireity of World 21, what a sweet moment that was for iP.

Sasa's declaration can be seen below.


However *SAS* were not even going to last long into the fight, as iP's new found ally MM was to trick Alex into a fake merge with MM, make Alex disband *SAS* and when he joined kick him almost instantly, *SAS* was gone and the remake never quite recovered, Alex had been shown up twice in a single week.

MM's prank can be seen here.


And so *SAS* were down, and next to fall were LoS, I think me and gimme both knew that LoS were now on their last legs, and it is with that myself, Mystic and Gimme started discussing the possibility of a select amount of LoS' best moving over into iP, a week later and gimmegimme5, Aldiggah, Mathemetician Chris, Guitarminator, among others moved into iP with Darknova1987 going into SRWS, LoS was disbanded and it seemed K44 was under the sole control of iP And MM (who merged with WB to form Mental) although Mental were none the wiser, I only sanctioned the merge because it was putting all my future targets under a single banner, iP were planning to betray an ally, and we had no excuse for it either.

Chapter Five - DISNEY disbands - Conversations with 24/7

So DISNEY had disbanded and one could see all the malake going on between TAS, Sasa, Dawn, -World 21- and 24/7, being the nice fellow I am I gace homes to Sasa/Dawn/-World 21- which naturally caused complications with 24/7, to follow was at times heated discussions between myself and 24/7. Even more so between Mystic Conjuror and TBS who REALLY were not fussed on each other. Well 24/7 regardless continued attacks on the players from DISNEY, and this began to cause strained relations with iP, it was apparant after my exploitation of 24/7's peace offering early in the world it was going to be hard for either tribe to trust each other, and after a few heated conversations a NAP was assumed between 24/7 and iP, and after conversations with both Zoquelle and TBS the idea of a merge started to arise, although at that time neither tribe would have by far fit into the member limit of 100 when combined, it was a goal that was slowly worked towards, hence iP's drop in numbers over the last couple of weeks before the merge, though merge or not my
plan was always to get our numbers down as we slowly got a grasp on the continent.

Chapter Six - Mental happenings! Pleasurable Gatherings! And a taste of defection??

So Mental were none the wiser of iP's war plans. Despite my insane respect for Mcnab I flat out lied to him for a full week about iP and Mental's next move, even humouring the idea of a merge (well pretending to humour one). I believe both myself and Mcnab knew that eventually a merge was never going to work out, and that the final fight for the continent would always be between ourselves. Alas I trusted my tribe too much, out of 75 or so players I knew I could trust all 75, however by the end of the next day it would turn out to be 74, as Joshthegreatking told his personal ally Philonius (of Mental) about the war, yes Philonius was applying to iP but unsure of his chances of entry he warned Mental of the upcoming war, and once again I had to do something dishonorable. When the war began I recruited Philonius into our numbers to keep Josh happy, I used them as a tool in the war, knowing that as soon as Mental were neutralised they would be kicked. Is what I did totally dishonorable? Yes it is, however I believe trust should be met with trust, Josh gave me reason not to trust him, the fact he didn't think he would get caught is irrelevant, he would be punished for his actions.

It took Mental 2 days to make their first cap, however after that it was evident we were pretty much running away with the war, this does not take away from the fact they fought well (well not all but some) and special mentions go out to BT91, Malant, Crustymusic99 among others, Mental was not as easy as the stats made it look, but 2 weeks later and Mental were once again a non existent force, and since then it has been eating galore.

But was it all fun and games?

Oh no, a mere few days into the war iP suffered the defection of their three top members, Mystic Conjuror, Rellim31 and Mokinu. As you know iP and SRWS had changed names as a prank for the public forums. However iP's external claims system operated on a system that deleted the accounts of anyone not in the tribe "iP" and as such when our name changed to SRWS every account on the externals was deleted. Mine and Bodine's tomfoolery can be seen below.


However the final nail in the coffin was when Chef, a player that Mystic had saved in the early stages of the game nobled a village in the middle of Mystics cluster that Mystic had been farming, Mystic also lost 500 LC because of the mix up. As such Mystic demanded the immediate kick of Chef due to Chef's apparent bad attitude via mail. Having been a friend of Chef's from World 4 for 18 months I requested both of them on MSN for us to sort the problem and if Chef was bang out of order I would do the neccessary, however Mystic decided he did not want me to choose between the two of them and left, Rellim being a close RL friend of Mystic decided to leave also (though he was also annoyed by my actions in the name change) and Mokinu being a close friend of both left also, after a few days they all ended up in SRWS, as Mystic and Rellim played alongside me in World 4 it was good they were still in an allied tribe.

Orangeflame for some reason decided to start a thread about it in the public forums, and this was one of the first times I really thought iP was looking weak.


Although the older players were generally maintained some of the newer ones panicked, and arguments began to break out in the forums, in honesty it took near 3 days to calm things down, and after this the tribe began to get their rhythm back, once again hitting Mental where it hurt, but despite owning the continent our position in K44 looked weakened and the reaction of certain members was worrying, though I was highly impressed at how the defection did not start a domino effect, the tribes team spirit was higher than ever and I could tell in future discussions about stuff like merges everyone had each others backs. However with all this I started to notice my baronship was either inactve or preoccupied with other worlds or RL, as such Sir Zoe and Dawnrising were promoted to baron alongside Fesin who was still active, we would continue to discuss everything on Skype (and still have our darling little Skype chat) though we spam more than anything now, all their help was greatly appreciated <3)

The final Mental war stats can be seen below.

Side 1: Mental

Side 2: iP

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 12
Side 2: 106
Difference: 94


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 87,569
Side 2: 710,906
Difference: 623,337


Chapter 7 - Merge Ahoy?!

Well our numbers were dropping and as mentioned in an earlier chapter I finally got round to kicking Josh and Philonius who at a steady rate are being cleaned out, after speaking with TBS and Zoquelle we got our final vision for our tribe and started putting things together, Magnum is now formed and with 24/7 and iP set to disband today I can only hope that the vision iP had for themselves as a tribe is carried into the new tribe. We have had a lot of struggles in terms of maintaining our position this world and have never been out of war come to think of it, the true test will be to see if we can carry this on now while combined with 24/7. I just hope people who respected iP so much do not turn on us in the forums because of this. Peoples annoyance of our actions can be seen below!


I would like to thank all players on the forums who have had good words to say about iP, everyone who has given us these fun wars, our allies, my loyal members and also my leadership who has been brilliant in helping me with day to day running of the tribe, looking back on our archives I think there has been approximately over a 1,000 threads passed through our forums (primarily in the playground), and it is definitely hard letting go of a child you moulded around your personality! But alas as I write this I prepare to click the disband button!

Bye bye iP. :icon_cry: <3 Bring on Magnum! :icon_twisted:

Subject edgey10 disbands your tribe
Sent Oct 29,2008 22:29
edgey10 has disbanded your tribe.


Thats a hell of a read Edgey, i feel like i actually participated for Ip now.

It is a sad day indeed, lets hope your future is a bright one.


Nicely written Edgey, i can't believe i read it all the way through, :p anyway, time to bring on Magnum and the future challanges it will bring. Goddbye iP its been great!!


XD im slow

Magnum is the new tribe? I thought it was some guy or somethin :lol:

ahhh shit I was nobled :icon_evil:
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Very sad day, *sighs*. Wish we could have stayed iP forever. ah well. Onto Magnum and lets see what hell we can unleash there. :icon_twisted::icon_twisted:


Great read, its well known your the best (well in the top 3) :p leaders in this world,
and with another great leader beside you, who knows where magnum will go,
anyway iP were a great tribe, and best of luck with Magnum,

P.S stay away from me ;)


I liked the history and read all of it. But then I do a lot of reading whilst playing this game. Even if I may not be the fondest of your tribe personally, it is nice to see anybody doing stuff like this.


Good job Edgey, you really caputured our essence...Best tribe I have ever been in, sad to see it go :'(... hopefully MAGNUM will live up to its prospects >:D


Cool post, I was in both Royal and LoS at some point so it was interesting to hear the other side of everything.


I hit CTRL + F and find no hits on Royalist. Redo it Edgey!

LOL, I actually tried that before I saw your post - with the term 'Bwah' then ;-).

Well written story, save the last merging part, I'd throw away my book if I were reading it.



Good job Edgey, you really caputured our essence...Best tribe I have ever been in, sad to see it go :'(... hopefully MAGNUM will live up to its prospects >:D

What about LoS!! only kidding Yes iP has been the best tribe I have been in and I did read all that Brought a tear to my eye.

Hopefully non of the iP spirit and Bravery Maybe even foolishness is lost in the merge with 24/7


text walls.....why do I have to encounter them here too???
not cool, man ...not cool.
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