Is everyone dead...? :(


you on this world? lol... ever heard of an end of world siesta? thats what this world is going through now! we bored of hearing each others voices! :D ha ha...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... snore


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Well yeah when the world ends everybody is dead. Hehehehheheh. whatta joke hey. No one to play with. all in vain. its over and gone and the little imaginary men are running around looking for something to do. Because this game has no bars, brothels and spotsfields

Imagine a brothel hey..... hhhhehe they atatck and get seduced so they leave forgetting to take the resources. heheheheheh

or they loot.... 200 wood, 2000 clay, 2000 iron with 7 young women in training and 27 crates of beer.
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Actually Twist does have a bar, we don't have a brothel but its not a bad idea to keep up our members activity through the summer :p