Is FEAR Crumbling?


I personally think the game would be far better if the old accounts were not held active in the game so long so they could mess with accounts being played by actual players, it skews the game out of true. But the owners of the game run a commercial enterprise that wants more money so I doubt that will change.

I think that's a little harsh on innogames frankly (and by no means an innogames fanboy, just calling it as I see it).

From what I see with rules like banning u/n & passwords being passed between players and many having been banned for it, they're doing as much as is practical to stop or at least discourage this.

What you need to keep in mind as well is that for them to police this any more effectively would mean putting a disproportionate amount of resources in doing so, which is ultimately going to represent a greater cost overhead which would probably be passed onto us the customers in some form (potentially more advertising, more expensive pp, etc).


true it has become a little of that....

and TG i've played here on this world for almost what two year something retarded like that and have asked for support once in all that time and all those incoming...

but you are right i still consider you, kip69. darrennelson, kingced, adrain, and a few other friends

I could still get support from fear if i needed it.... you forget who lead charlie company while being duke till another brave sole took over ;)

Haha, I just realized I've never asked for support once on this world.


yeah well i took my style from you and others from this world and w4/8 years ago.... so thats not a big surprise mate ;) it boring to stack, funnier to snipe and mail them about anyways ;)