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As the last seven days of world 72 are here. Id like to reflect on how the world went. Thinking back to about 2 years ago starting with that small village that was around 60 points. I've met some interesting people, such as my first co-player seth, who is the reason I have actually made it to this point. He was the one who had sniped the trains that were going to have me rimmed in the early game. After this happened, I went into a rage and become an account larger then his when we decided to merge. The merge with him resulted in my account being the proper size to join what we thought was our impending doom approaching, Cruel had made its way to our doorstep. Where Naz didn't want to take me into the tribe originally I believe he feels different and is now happy that he listened to the Duke of Gurkas and took in Myself, Alasen, and Julius Ceasar.

In a short time I became the Knightmares that you guys in cruel know me as today. I made my way to becoming a baron of cruel and had helped lead in the wars and planning on what to do next. Where there was a time as a baron that I was left in the dark on choices made I wouldn't change any that we have made. Fighting the derps, and meeting each of them. Fighting Waalter(Pack) and FDRN(Dan) on different accounts because there players would toss the sit at them and have them fight the battles with the cruels coming their way. Ultimately Pack had quit and deleted his account and the 800813 war was close to an end. The members who were active in that tribe that were brought over to cruel are also those I am glad to have met. A shame that not everyone from that time is here to bask in the end of the world.

Then Cruel had entered the Mayhem war for real, for what I still see as turning the tide of the war. Now with the forces of the world and possibly the games longest alliance fighting together in one war, rather then each fighting their own war, mayhem began to be pushed back more and more. Due to inactivity more of mayhem was falling faster then they should have. This is where Farmercy plays a role, Congrats on holding number one spot while others in your tribe would fall and break, you did not. Not till it was too late did we have the chance to crack you.

Cruel and turtle members that have made it to the end. Thank you for your loyalty and sticking to the deal that was struck about 2 years ago between the players Noobs on Ice and xman182. The dukes for the entire world that lead both tribes to end game. To the other council members, thanks for helping with all the choices and being active to do work that needed to be done. To the tribe, thanks for letting me lead such a great group and getting to know all of you. Its been a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone who is left in this world.
Perhaps we will meet again.

Agenroe (Knightmares)


Very fair and respectable review of the world. Thank you.

It was nice to play with you all, and congratulations to ~CT~ on your much deserved victory.

- Paul


Still Going Strong
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Who wants to bet that it took Seth two months to notice that w72 had closed? :x

Seth. :p