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Finally, after tough war against barbs, Ruckus tribe won w110

I would like to say couple of words, regarding this world

First, I want to thank you all for playing w110 and making it interesting. Together with Niko, we came from w105 with a solid premade, and kept fighting until the end. Tonight, our goal is achieved, with just 66 tribe changes (I think only one world ended with less tribe changes, which is rare today, in all these merge2win cases)

Thanks guys, you made me proud

Also, we want to cheer our friends from Sarcow, Myrmidons and SAM who respected our alliances and kept the words

Of course, this world would be nothing without enemies. Even thou we had some issues, I want to congratulate Design tribe for a proper fight. Will just mention AMG and LOTA tribes, they had some nice guys, but lack of leadership made them bleed.

Dont wanna write long posts, see you again one day, all the best


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Have to say a few words, ruckus was obviously the superior tribe with the superior leadership( can’t say much about ragnars ability to lead, but he sure makes it fun)

has to be the most secured win i have seen on a world(my own experience only). Yes, boring one perhaps but a win is a win and those who fought the wars earned it. There are easy world wins in most of the worlds, not ranting about that.

you secured the diplomacy and outplayed the design fools with ease, amg was a non matter when ragnar and odin disapeared in smoke.

and for the sarcow members who never would join ruckus, i guess that changed? ;)


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Congrats to Ruckus. W110 was a interesting journey for me, originally started here to farm flags. Joined TRD family for protection, but my plan was quickly interrupted by Design backstabbing TRD. Made a migration from K36 to K56 to join M family academy MB, somehow Regulus made me, a new comer, the duke of MB, so I had to start doing duke things. Besides Ruckus, MB was probably the last semi-organized tribe all the way to the end, with a nearly fully green roster.

I'm proud that MB ended up to be #2 in the world, proud of my M family brothers/sisters. Thanks for the many thousands of flags W110!


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This world was indeed great!

SAM started pretty late and slow but got a good place anyways!

Thanks to Rockus for not running us over when they could ;)