John Wooden and How He Pertains to W10


It's just sad that such an utterly worthless tribe is winning a world. Of all the tribes that've won a world, 8aa8 has the most clueless players. It's full of barb noblers, family huggers, disorganized rabble, & boring personalities. The Pnp has always been trash. Now they've resorted to lying. The knowledge about the game in general, that is sometimes equated with "skill", is on par with beginners.

I can't believe that bad players like you are actually arguing with EJ, claiming to be better than CTRL.

It's like the story of a bunch of hunters going back home after their vacation. The deer started butting heads and throwing parties claiming that they had won thru coordination and strategy.


Face facts pls. Ur a bad player in a very bad tribe, spewing the worst kind of Pnp. Things that never happened. The idiocy of the venture is that a lot of ppl have played w10 over the years and actually know what ctrl was, what ddb was, & what borg was. What's the point in lying? Aren't you merely making urself look bad?


I do like the way people come back and see 8AA8 as the most likely tribe to win this world and just go green with jealousy. Just calm down and look at the facts.

8AA8 turned out to win the world and not CTRL. Part of this game is not "quitting" or "getting banned" as some believe. Too many players from CTRL and eventually nomads just quit as soon as they lost a few hundred villages.. or even just got nuked.. 8AA8 players played on and battled out against all odds and have come to this stage and they don't deserve sore losers flaming them for winning a world.

8AA8 could only beat what was put out in front of them, and they did it with style.


Its funny you are talking about John Wooden. I live and grew up in the same town he lived and grew up in and went to high school at. Its in Martinsville, Indiana. He was surely a legend.


bla bla bla bla, don't let me start about the dark ages of DDB.. we sure had them :)

sean i'm sorry to do this mate, but, ctrl was actually raping DDB/borg and hardly no one was around on our sides. i had days/nights trying to sit 4-5 accounts with 5k incomming each because no one was hardly ever there..

i'm really glad with 8AA8 a lot of my friends started playing again!! but in some way i wonder what would have happened if we all kept fighting when the real war was going.. but well, we'll never know cause like x said, a lot people stopped playing... from both sides.

and please just let me wonder what would have happened don't wanna go trough too much reading!! :)

oh and X, since it's just eating off what's left i figured i wouldn't need my defense, so just sent all to nomads to clear of troops,, true fact!! :D

pur3 m4g1ck

I love to see my old friends still kicking it up. Long live CTRL, our name hasn't died out.