K0,1, and 2! JOIN UP!


We are HOTKoF, a nearly 600k tribe total in this area. We now have 2 academy tribes, one in our area, and one in K8. We are part of the HOT Family and the family just keeps growing.
We have more than 30 allies
We have more than 10 protectors, one of which is 1.2 mil points by herself.
We are recruiting for the family!

Anyone interested in joining a tribe that treats each other like a family, listens to one another, even sends resources to each other just because they are a lower point than the other, this is the tribe for you!

Our motto: Our defenses are strong, but our Bonds are stronger!

Message Crispbac in-game.


HOTKof are looking for people in k0, k1 and k2 that are experianced players that are above 50 000 points. If you feel you would like a place please mail Akkarin345 or Grand Conman and we will get you an invite. With your mail please put reasons why you think you should be part of HOTKof, anything that looks scruffy will be binned, neat and professional will get you a place. Also we have about 3 places left so if you want to join after these places have gone mail either of us and we'll put you on a waiting list and contact you when there is space.