K26 Elite Tribe


Hello there,

I am the leader of a quickly growing tribe in K26 with the mission of recruiting experienced players or new players intelligent enough to be able to learn the game quickly who also possess the organization and communications skills necessary in order to excel at playing the game. This is a tribe for people who want to play the game and excel, and have a tribe that can support and coordinate with them in order to accomplish more than any unorganized mass-recruiting tribe ever could.

If interested, please contact me in game by private message with a well-written introduction explaining why you would be a good member of our team. Replies to this thread will not be monitored, as the ability to follow instruction (when necessary) is also required.

Things that I can promise my members is that no one will ever be invited randomly to this tribe, and that I will always be approachable with your ideas and suggestions even though I might not always agree with them.